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Everyone hates Bush and I want specific examples of his wrongdoings?

What did he do individually that makes him so bad? Just because he wanted to go to Iraq doesn't mean that nobody else did. By the way, when you looked at both the Afghanistan and Iraq war, both were early successes. We drove the Taliban out early and got Saddam out of power early. The problem is that there was no long-term plan and both have dragged out way too long. Once again, this is not Bush's complete fault as his military advisors were failures. In terms of policy, I want specific examples of what you guys hate about him. Please don't mention the economy as most of it was caused by the housing sector and as a president (one who is not an expert in business, real estate, banking, etc.), he should not be held 100% accountable for stuff he did not solely do. I think he was not a good president due to his lack of communication skills, spending on useless things like Medicare, and poor immigration policies. However, that doesn't mean I take shots at his character and boo him on the inauguration day. Once again, I would like specific examples.


Captain Needle Dick, first off, no president has complete control of anything. Is this a dictatorship. And second, did Bush contribute to 9/11 and give us a reason to go to Afghanistan? Did he and Saddam collaborate on the killings on millions of Iraqi's? Like I said, the long-term plans for both were poor but it is naive to think he started both for no reason.

Update 2:

We have had 44 presidents and I want many specific examples that are factually correct as to why many consider him the worst ever, including Jimmy Carter?

Update 3:

Bruno, you actually blame Bush for 9/11? And how is the Iraq War illegal? I agree with the Patriot Act as a bad decision but once again, how could you blame Bush for a collapsing economy? That was caused by the housing collapse instigated by unrealistic loans by banks to ill-equipped home-owners. You blame Bush for that?

Update 4:

Count Acumen, since many of your points (which are actual good examples) say Bush lied, can you give me quotes to prove this?

Update 5:

Joe from WI, how did Bush install any government? Their is currently a Democrat congress and did he change the democracy to something else? I guess I missed that part

Update 6:

Universal Aardvark, if the wiretapping was illegal and the "torture" was as well, wouldn't Bush and Cheney be behind bars right now?

Update 7:

Universal Aardvark, if the wiretaping was illegal and the "torture" was as well, wouldn't Bush and Cheney be behind bars right now?

Update 8:

MJR, thank you for giving specific examples. However, does the excessive spending, TARP bailouts, war in Iraq based on claims rather than proof, and betrayal of campaign promises make him the all-time worst?

Update 9:

Carol A, once again, thanks for the examples but the loans and credit crisis started in the 1990's and was mainly out of Bush's control. Do you seriously believe taxing the rich less has led to a severe recession?

Update 10:

Romare, you seriously think Bush is terrible because of lies. How about Clinton, HW Bush, even Regan, Carter, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, how about the Truman lies that got us into the Korean War? I could go on but every president lies for political reasons. It's just common sense

Update 11:

Romare, you seriously think Bush is terrible because of lies. How about Clinton, HW Bush, even Regan, Carter, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, how about the Truman lies that got us into the Korean War? I could go on but every president lies for political reasons. It's just common sense

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    -70,000 new pages of regulations that were passed by the Bush Administration, far and away beating any other two term president, easily crushing Bill Clinton's previous record of 54,000 pages. And most of those new regulations were in, you guessed it, housing and finance. And somehow deregulation is blamed for this mess

    -Rushing to war with Iraq without finishing the job in Afganistan based on faulty and non-existent evidence. Before we caught Osama Bin Laden, before Afganistan was stabilized, we were rushing off to war which according to aids Bush had planned while he was still campaigning. His two reasons for war were to stop Hussein from acquiring WMDs (which later intelligence revealed he had scrapped his WMD program 10 years ago) and based on his links to Al Qaida (which several independent studies found absolutely no ties between Al Qaida and Iraq).

    -Oh and also, as Commander-in-chief of the armed forces, he is supposed to represent the top person in the United States military. If he didn't have his generals come up with a long term containment plan, then that is his error, since that's the first rule of leadership; everything is your fault.

    -Creation of the TARP bailouts, completely betraying the free market small government president that he claimed to be.

    -for 6 years he had a Republican House and a Republican Senate, and what great Republican projects did he accomplish? What widespread scaling back of government was achieved by "the party of small government"? Not a damn thing besides a few temporary tax cuts for the rich. Probably the only reason Republicans are so fussed about Obama is that Obama, emboldened by Democrat wins, actually IS advancing party agenda. Hey, you guys had it for 6 years and you blew it, so don't blame Barack Obama.

    -Went back on pretty much every campaign promise that he made in the 2000 election season, including an end to the era of Big government (Bush oversaw the largest expansion of the Federal government in history), an end to the drunken spending sprees of the Clinton Administration (only difference is that he just borrowed the money and put us deeper in debt than the American government has ever been) and an end to the Clinton era Nation-building (do I even have to comment?)

    -Betrayed everything that makes America great by authorizing torture and warrantless wiretapping. The only reason that he isn't behind bars in the Hague right now is because the Democrats were in on it and don't want to stir up a hornets nest that could bite them in the rear. Ever wonder why Pelosi was so quiet about it? Because she knew that if the book was thrown; she'd be hit by the shrapnel.

    George W. Bush; the great betrayer of right-wing economics, whose only accomplishment was to hide his big government agenda under Free Market rhetoric and then let Free Markets take the fall for the inevitable failure of his programs.

    EDIT -- I don't know if I would call him the worst. Herbert Hoover deserves to be down there, as he was the first president to directly interfere in the economy (and was a Republican, no less!), and it's also vitally important to remember that FDR ran on a platform of LESS government, not more. Most people that I know who remember him still hate him for being a big, fat liar who treated his wife like crap. Woodrow "American Empire" Wilson deserves to be down there, as he was the first to coin the term "make the world safe for Democracy", and got us embroiled in a war in which we had no place in belonging. I think it's bad to make a black and white list of best and worst, partially because of historical zeitgeist. But I will say that Bush is the most disappointing president in my lifetime.

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    There was always the illegal wiretapping of American citizens. And then he wanted to prosecute the reporter that publicized it for treason. Pretty much the same thing happened for torture (which started well before he got his questionable legal opinions saying it was okay). There's pressuring an attorney general while he was lying in a hospital bed. Remember that? And all that's just off the top of my head.


    Saying that just because Bush isn't behind bars it proves his acts are legal is rather spurious logic. Do you suppose that every criminal is caught and every one that is caught is prosecuted and every one that is prosecuted is found guilty? In the case of the president, it's not entirely clear who has the jurisdiction to arrest him but congress, and congress flatly refused to do so. If it makes you feel better, there are arrest warrants out for him in a variety of places.

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    Here you go:

    And please don't tell me that you are so naive as to believe that everyone who does something illegal ends up in jail, especially those who are either rich or powerful or both. Pleeeeeeeeze.


    No, I seriously believe that Bush was the worst president in the 20th century because of all the things Count Acumen listed plus more. The thing is, you are not sincerely asking what Bush did wrong in an attempt to educate yourself. You just want to argue with everyone who answers you, just like teenagers do with their parents. Perhaps those of us who have been living and deeply involved in politics for decades might actually know a thing or two that you don't know or have a perspective that you don't yet have. Ya think?

    What I find humorous is that you start out with "Everyone hates Bush," and then you want to argue about whether he should be hated. But you don't stop to think that there are GOOD reasons why everyone hates him. You're not like the one dude in the world who knows the truth while everyone else is wrong.

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    Perhaps we should start with the PDB in August, 2001, that sounded the alarm, "bin Laden determined to attack inside the U.S." Bush continued on his Texas ranch vacation and ignored other warnings from Richard Clarke and the other counter-intelligence communities. For those of us who read McClatchy reports and other fact-based news outlets, we realized that in 2002 that Iraq had no connection to al Qaeda and no WMD's. Cheney and his neo-con supporters were determined to attack Iraq prior to 9/11, regardless of the opposing intelligence reports. Now, after almost 5,000 troops dead and trillions to the military industrial complex via no-bid contracts, Iran is empowered in the region and the U.S. is less secure (and al Qaeda's top leaders remain at large). There are hundreds upon hundreds of examples of Bush's failures; please read Jane Mayer's "The Dark Side" and/or Thomas Ricks, "Fiasco" for in-depth analysis.

    Regarding the ecomony: Bush and his lock-step GOP Congress passed trillion dollar tax cuts skewed to the wealthiest among us. Bush ignored the financial, health care, housing, credit crises and pushed this nation to the verge of a depression.


    Outing a covert CIA agent as revenge.

    Condoning torture (illegal by U.S. and international laws) while misleading/lying to the American people.

    Illegally wiretapping innocent Americans.

    Basing policy on right-wing ideology over scientific facts.

    The list is never-ending and extremely dire and dangerous to the nation's security.

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    Judging from the wording of your question, I'd say you are probably a teenager. You need to look at it from the perspective of someone much younger than yourself. Imagine if you were one of a large group of little kids on the school playground, and all of you wanted to change the way the school was being run. You wanted to put the children in charge of the cirriculum, have recess whenever the mood struck you, be able to use your parent's drugs at school, etc. Now, imagine that your school principal either ignored you or told you that he had more important things to do than cater to your every little whim about how school life should be. You would probably hate him as much as the liberals hate President Bush. The analogy is plain to see. The analogy also plays well in Barak Obama's latest campaign cute soundbite: "My fellow Americans, we live in the greatest country in the world. I hope you'll join with me in trying to change it."

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    In my humble opinion:

    Good things Bush did:

    -His handling of Afghanistan was pretty good, especially early on.

    -He expanded free trade.

    -He tripled aid to Africa.

    Bad things Bush did:

    -Bush's aid policies were much less effective than Clinton's. He re-instituted the Mexico City Policy (which bars the US from funding NGOs that educate or lobby on issues related to abortion, but actually has had the adverse effect of causing women to seek back-alley abortions), and much of his aid was conditioned, meaning that it could not be given to countries with corrupt governments (which are usually the countries where the people need the most help)

    -He started Guantanamo Bay, and refused to treat detainees in accordance with either US or International Law.

    -He went into Iraq; which wasted a lot of money, brought terrorism to Iraq, and shifted our focus away from Afghanistan.

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    You will never get examples. The type of person that makes so much noise about it knows absolutely nothing about Law and the constitution and that the Congress and Senate make laws and that the President, be it BUsh, Nixon, Carter, Obama, can not do anything unless they are allowed to by Congress.

    I seem to remember a Senator named Hillary Clinton that supported the war, in the Senate, and one named Joe BIden. But your parrots on here never admit that.

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    I do not hate Bush, in fact I love the guy... But I don't think he was infallible.. However, whatever Bush did wrong, Obama slammed on the max on every button so far. Bush's spending might have been outrageous at times, but whatever he spent, Obama is making it look like pocket change. LOL

    In fact, I love Bush more today now that I have seen what we have to put up with, with this dude.

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    Allen greenspan said himself that Iraq was really about OIL .

    I despise the Patriot act because it totally trashed the very important parts the Constitution and Bill of Rights . A very UN Patriot act it is; and I will never forgive Bush for this Or Republicans for voting for Him twice .

    Please do not get me started .

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    - 9/11

    - illegal war in Iraq

    - Patriot Act cancelling our WHOLE Constitution

    - collapse of our economy

    - millions invested towards abstinence-only education

    - torture

    - thousands of dead (Iraqis and our own American soldiers)

    - 900 days of vacation (about 3 years over 8)

    - ...

    I have 20,000 bullet points, but these should be enough to make you realize he was the worst by far

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