Why do people talk about the USA's high religious population like it's a bad thing?

I mean I'm an atheist, but my whole family is Catholic. So sue them.

Though I'll admit it's mostly atheist Americans who seem to hate their religious neighbors. Yeah, California "ZOMG CAN'T SEPARATE LIKE, RELIG AND STATE. TTLY" by banning gay marriage but since then I think we've had two other states legalize gay marriage.

And lastly I'm not one of those Americunts who think we're the greatest nation on earth or anything, this is just something I've noticed for a longgg time.


Before anyone pisses their pants I didn't say EVERYONE talks about USA's religious pop. like that, or EVERY atheist, etc, but there is a lot of it going on.

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    I don't object to religion or religious beliefs. I object to what people do with their religious beliefs. I live by the dictum: "Your rights end where mine begin." You are free to believe or not believe whatever you want, and to do whatever you want in accordance with those beliefs, so long as it doesn't interfere with my life or my rights under the law.

    No one's religion entitles them to legislate their beliefs on non-believers. No one's religion requires them to do so.

    There are far too many people who think that a U235-powered fireball in the middle of NYC or LA would be a wonderful thing, heralding the return of Jesus or the 12th Imam. I strongly disagree, and I'm sure the inhabitants of NYC and LA disagree as well. There are far too many people that look forward to the gruesome deaths of 3/4 of the world's population by war, natural disaster, or plague. They are looking for signs with glee and rapture instead of loving their neighbors. They are willing to die, which is fine with me, but they are willing to take me with them, which is not fine. Does this make sense to you?

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    I dont even know the guy so Ill look up some videos on youtube and give feedback. Just being honest. Edit. Youre absolutely right about the guy. However you must see 1 point of his. Women are getting worse in terms of commitment and faithfulness and I guess partly the reason for that is how we treated women al the way from the 50s or before to the 80s. From the 70s or 80s women became more poligamous and misunderstood it for freedom. But that doesnt mean hes a intelectual of some sort. He sounds offensive like egoistic and completely bent on his own perceptions of possible past bad experiences. Well to sum it all up yes. I agree with you on that. But lets not forget to look into the reasons on why he became or is what he is.

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    Well it doesn't have to be a bad thing, but sometimes people of the Bible Belt have a way of making America look very bad. They make Americans look like bullies -- the "if you're not with us, you're against us" attitude that started our current situation in Iraq. I don't have problem with people having faith in some sort of higher power, but when that "faith" starts harming others -- such as starting religious wars or withholding rights from human beings for simply going against the Bible, then I have a big problem with that.

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    I think its more of a political thing. The US is supposed to be a secular state, and the separation of church and state is an important part of the constitution, hypothetically at least. I have no problem with people being religious or the large amount of religious people, and I have no problem with being constantly told about their beliefs. But i do have a problem with any beliefs being forced upon me.

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  • Donald
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    1 decade ago

    Most of the religious people in the USA are not going to heaven. They love playing at being a Christian but yet refuse to follow Jesus.

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    There's a lot of it going on because political campaigning by religious people is infringing on the rights of others.

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    if the U.S. had a lot of people who believed in a giant dragon in the sky that was going to breathe fire on them if they didn't follow his book of fairy tales, would you consider that a bad thing?

    now yes people are welcome to believe whatever they want, the problem comes when they try to use their book of fairytales to make laws. Some people in the U.S. would like it to be a theocracy, see what that did to the middle east? thats what the problem is.

  • Snori
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    Stem cell research

    Gay marriage


    None of these should have anything to do with the government, but the religious voters have decided they should.

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    i think it's less about the religious population generally as the fundamentalist population and the people who use religion to justify bad things.

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    It's not a bad thing that people have a religion, but is a bad thing when they use their religion to take away personal freedoms from people. That is NOT right.

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