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using a digital multimeter,how i can determine the connection of the three phase motor if its delta or star?

i want to know by using a digital multimeter what kind of connection if its a delta or star connection of a three phase motor.

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    Maybe the easiest way is to count wires. 3 wire delta v/s 4 wire wye "star". Don't count the ground wire.

    Keep in mind too that a three phase motor is supposed to be balanced perfectly across all three phases so a four wire wye connection won't have neutral current anyway. Theoretically the fourth wire isn't needed.

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    each and every of the three levels is hooked as much as a winding. the different ends of the windings are linked jointly and are such as a independent connection. an identical applies to delta-celeb transformers the place a three-cord, 3 area furnish is converted to a 4-cord, 3 area furnish with a effortless independent.

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