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Does anyone know what steps to take, so I can take fishing boat out to ocean or lakes?

Im looking to purchase a fishing boat (small boat) but i need help in knowing what i need? fishing liscense, boating liscence, registration etc.? what r soome thing I need in a boat and where can i buy reliable used boats? if theres anything else I need to know please feel free to answer the question.......

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your best bet is to find someone who's boating or fishing in the same manner you are, and go out with them a few times on their boat. That way you can see you like, what you don't and learn first hand. Most boaters are more than happy to share with you their lessons learned.

    Otherwise, you may find yourself buying a boat that you won't like or use as much. Try to avoid going to a dealer and getting talked into something before you have a better idea of what you're after. There are many differences in boat styles (center console, cruisers, pontoon boats), engines (inboard/outboard, gas/diesel, 2/4-stroke) and options (bait wells, bathroom facilities, seating, weather protection, electronics, etc).

    Most folks who go this route find their first purchase is really a starter boat. After a while, they figure out what they really want, sell it and buy something that better suits their boating or fishing style.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I live in Michigan, The great lakes State, and I've seen some real scary things that some folks have done. While I was hiking on the shores of Lake Superior, four people had went out onto the lake and couldn't get back because the waves had increased significantly. Every time they tried to come back to shore the waves would tend to go over the side of their inappropriate boat. They were scared! There is no substitute to doing your homework if you are going out on a ocean or a big lake!

    Source(s): Myself and a real life situation!
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  • Kip
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    1 decade ago

    Head out to your local boat dealer in your area, just do some window shopping. I am sure they can advise you on different boats and you don't have to buy. Yes the boat would need to be registered, Talk to your Local DMV. As far as a fishing license contact your local wild and game organization in your area. The key word YOUR area not my area.

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