Is it better to use sod or plant new grass?

What king is better in southern California and why?

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  • Eggman
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    1 decade ago
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    You decide.

    Sod is faster (you have a lawn right away) and less likely to have weeds or die from stress, but it is WAY more expensive.

    Planting new (in early spring or late fall) is a good alternative, and it's much cheaper. In So. Cal., your planting window is much better (longer) than ours in the Northeast, but you don't want to do it when the temp stays above 80F all day and night. Seeds won't germinate otherwise.

    In both cases, you should loosen and fertilize the soil. With both, you have to water daily for two weeks.

    If you have the means, I think sod is the way to go. Since I never have the means, I always plant new grass. Either way, you'll have a nice lawn by next spring if you do it right.

  • 1 decade ago

    sod is faster

    and looks instantly amazing

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