What is crime? and how many cops really follow the law themselves?

Societies define crime as the breach of one or more rules or laws for which some governing authority or force may ultimately prescribe a punishment. Crime to me is murder, fraud, embezzlement, child molesting, ect.. Not making a wide turn after having only three beers! I am NOT making light of my so called "CRIME" but I know for a fact in my town there are officers who drive after having a lot more then three beers but the difference is that they are protected b/c of their badge, job and co-workers! And the cop who says I'm wrong his story would change if it were his buddy driving and he or she would defend them! This clan of law makers whom think they are above the law is wrong, their ego's that they let run wild and their attitude are way worse then mine will every be and I really don't know how some of them sleep at night. It should be a CRIME when officers arrest just b/c they can and want to b/c he couldn't wait to see miss hot paints inside or b/c the person that didn't hire his son was finally on the road after midnight! It should be a CRIME when the other cop sticks up for the drunk cop knowing he's had more then three but it isn't. It should also be a crime on the cop who is forceful, over re-acting and who doesn't give respect to the person they are arrested who is complying. There are no true laws that cops have to follow.... Using force when not needed is abuse, violence and issues of anger management - it's unnecessary!

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    You're right...it isn't fair when an officer will give another officer a pass for something as serious as a DUI.

    But that doesn't mean you weren't wrong in driving drunk.

    You keep saying that it was "just 3 beers"

    You were found to be impaired.

    Your questions aren't even asking for opinions anymore....you're just ranting about how you think it's unfair that you were caught driving drunk.

    Also, police officers don't make the laws.

    "This clan of law makers whom think they are above the law is wrong" is a very ignorant comment.

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    I have another example. Barrack Obama broke a law that he helped create! He fired an Investigator General. He co-wrote a bill as a senator, requiring 30 days notification and an in depth explanation to congress before firing the man. I agree that Police officers should not be allowed to commit crimes, or be over-forceful.

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