Border patrol on the way to Padre Island, TX?

I've been told that i'll have to go through border patrol when i reach Padre Island. Is this true as of 2009? And what ID do i need to get by?

i will be bringing 3 children, will they be asked for any sort of ID?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It depends on if you are driving through south Texas or not. There has been a checkpoint at Sarita for years. Sarita is not on the border, but you pass through there if you are driving from something like Victoria or Corpus Christi to the valley. They really don't stop the US people too much unless you look like you might have drugs. All they ever did was ask me for my driver's license.

    Maybe the Sarita checkpoint is what you heard about.

    Source(s): grew up in CC and spent lots of time in the valley
  • 1 decade ago

    I've have never seen the border patrol on any of the TX beaches. If you go to Padre Island, be sure to be carrying any and all of the recommended identification papers and documents that your state or country requires plus those required in the US.

    The only place the I've ever seen the border patrol in in southern New Mexico along the White Sands Testing Range.

    Source(s): US vacations in both states
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