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what do you think of this mare?

she is a beauty but like it said she needs an expirenced rider, i though id use her as a project horse for college do you think it would be a good deal??


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  • Stasha
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    Sounds like a good deal if you're looking for a project! And more power to you if you have time to do it during college - I had to quit temporarily because of time constraints :/

    As a bargain shopper myslef, I have found that if you are willing to put the work into them, you can pick up a very good horse for little to no money (just bought one myself!) Keep in mind that with no picture listed, she could be a swaybacked, 3 legged nag - you won't know until you go to see her. But, I definately think it's worth a look-se!

    Good Luck!

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    Sounds ok, but you need to see a pic of her and if they are letting her go for that little they really don't think that much of her. The market is horrible for hoses in general and you can get great deals on horses that are better than green broke. If you are looking for a project give it a shot. If you are an experienced rider and you can improve her you might not lose money on the deal if you are planning to sell her. I would save up a little money and get something that is broke to ride and not going to be quite so much work. it is a buyer's market, take advantage of it:)

  • Anonymous
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    Well i personally would not buy it until you have seen and rode her in person other wise i think you'll be royally ripped off. I would check the conformation, health papers, etc.

  • Any Pictures?

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