GTA 4.. Side Missions..!?

Can i fly a plane in gta 4? can i do taxi, bus, helicopter or any other these type of missions? HELP ME!

If yes then plz tell me how to do these missions..!

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    1 decade ago
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    No planes only helicopters.

    You can do 10 taxi missions before Roman's taxi business is burnt out by Dimitri (you select Roman on your phone and select Job).

    There are drug delivery missions for Jacob (select Jacob on your phone and select Job),

    Races from Brucie (Select Brucie on your phone and select Race),

    There are also 10 Cars to get for Brucie (Get on the internet and read his emails) and a further 30 for his mate Steve (you will get text messages from Steve).

    You can do vigilante and 10 Most wanted missions by getting in a Police car and accessing the computer.

    There are the stunt jumps and collectibles (this time it's 200 pigeons you need to shoot). You'll need to find these but here is a link to the maps:

    Jumps -

    Pigeons -

    Not all of these are accessible right away, you need to progress through the story to open some of these up.

  • Marion
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    4 years ago

    No, the game only autosaves after main story line missions. The Taxi and Police missions keep going on, with no awards besides unlocking achievements and earning money.

  • 1 decade ago

    i have gta 4 and i was looking for the same kind of missions but i havent found them

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