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How do I measure for fence posts?

I am about to install a privacy fence, but need to know how to measure between post gates and no corners...just making a straight privacy line.


I am using 6x8 wood privacey fence panels.

Update 2:

they aren't the kind that fit between, they are the kind you screw to the face of the post.

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    usually you will not end up with an EXACT footage of fence, so one of those panels will be cut. Other than that, first determine the placement of the two end posts. Dig & set those using a level to make sure plumb all way around. Then run a string from center top of each, pull tight, & nail down or tie to nails in tops. Now do same at bottom of post on side. Now mark both strings with marker & tape measure at 8 foot intervals. This gives you way to keep holes as accurate as possible, maintain 8 foot centers, and keep straight & even tops. I would still suggest using level to plumb each post as you fill holes. It also helps if bottom string has a loop at one end so you can unhook when digging each hole. A common myth about post holes is to fill all way up with cement/concrete. It actually holds better (like a big anchor) if you only do half way. This keeps it from rising from frost & temp changes. With full hole of cement it is like giant plug instead of a sunken anchor.

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    How To Measure A Fence

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    A UK fence panel is approx 6 foot high, so measure down the post that height mark it, plus 2 inches, bury the rest, have the concrete 7 - 8 inches below the post base and the hole at least a foot wide to hold the concrete, don't forget some PVA in the mix will help, nobody will move them from those settings. By the way this for a level garden...OK? spacing is dependent on the width of the panels.

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    It depends on what type of fence you are using. Some are attached to the face of the post, some mount between the posts. For the first type, if the panels are 8', you set the posts exactly 8' on center, or 8'-1/4" to allow a slight gap for expansion. If the panels fit between, set your posts at 8'-3 1/2" on center, or 8'-4" to allow a 1/4" gap on each side. Hope this helps.

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