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New Baby and Puppy questions..... (Sorry a little long but very important)?

Well they aren't really puppies. Our Poodle Zachary turns 2 this August and our Terrier mix Sasha will be 2 a month before the baby is born.

My question is about Potty time. I'm going to be a stay at home mom. The baby is going to be a winter baby (February) and it gets pretty cold here.

We are going to be living in a 2nd story apartment.

I'm looking at my options:

Should I pad train the dogs to go out on the balcony for awhile?

that way I don't have to be taking a new born in and out in the cold so much, Not to mention you have to take the time to bundle baby up and by that time the dogs may already decide to just go to the bathroom whereever, so atleast have them pad trained for when its just them,, me, and the baby.

Should I litterbox train them to go on the porch?

What other options do you think. It won't be a big deal come spring and summer but the baby will be born in the winter.

We still plan to have them go out and use the potty in the grass when my husband is home to help.

Also our apartment is 1 bedroom but that is okay we don't have to upgrade until the baby is a bit older. We are thinking of using the dining area as the babys area. But we need to find away to block that area off. We dont want our dogs going into that area.

Don't get me wrong I love both my dogs dearly but one sheds pretty bad and the other since I've been pregnant has decided to start using the restroom inside again. (We haven't moved to the new apartment yet so hopefully I can get him past this first, I have a month)

Any suggestions on working with Zachary?

Also both dogs are taking classes. Sasha is in Canine Good Citizen Class and Zachary will be starting basic obedience this month (he was sick and couldn't do classes before)

Any other tips to prepare them for the baby and to prepare myself for juggling a baby and two high energy dogs? (Well our terrier is pretty calm I'll give her that much)



If we go that route

Update 2:

My biggest concern ofcourse is the baby and I don't want the baby getting sick. Like I said its very cold in the winter. It would only be for the winter we would do this

I plan to train the dogs so they go on the pads and in the grass

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    You won't have to take a newborn in and out all the time. Put the baby in the crib and take the dogs out to potty for five or ten minutes. Not a big deal.

    Do not pad train the dogs, or you are going to have a terrible time with accidents in the house, and getting the dogs to go potty outside again. You will have a lot more work and headaches on your hands than had you just put the baby in the crib, taken the dogs out for five minutes, and come right back in, because with this new way of pottying, and then going back to the old way, they'll be VERY confused.

    You might ought to consider renting a house, buying a mobile home, etc so you actually have room.

    As for the dogs' social activities, you'll have to give that stuff up until your kids are older. The social activities aren't THAT important.

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    I think getting the baby out would be fine, it's more of the pain and time it's going to take you to do it. I don't know if I would start the habit of them going on the balcony or somewhere in the house - you may never be able to break them of it later.

    If you can get them in a routine to only need to go once while your husband isn't around, that should be doable. You will probably find you will want to get out of the house anyway once and a while. There are always ways to "bundle" up baby enough so he/she is safe. And the fresh air can be good for a new mom!

    I would suggest having your husband take the dogs out before he leaves for work, you do it once around lunchtime and then he can do it again when he gets home. Of course, the first couple of days at home with the baby may not make this possible - you'll have to get the hang of being a new mom first. But hopefully your husband will be helping a lot then.

    Worst case scenario, the dogs have to go in the morning and then wait till your husband gets home to go again. They CAN hold out if you train them.

    As for juggling the dogs and the baby, well, in reality the dogs are just going to have to "suffer". You will find that your dogs pretty much no longer are very important once that baby is there. I know you don't believe this, but it is SO true. Be sure not to ignore them, but in reality, you will have your hands so full you won't even concern yourself with the dogs for the first while.

    To prepare them, just make sure they see you as the boss. If they obey you, you shouldn't have any concerns about the baby. They shoudl pick up very quickly that the baby is the most important thing in the house and will be good with him/her.

    Source(s): Personal experience (I have 2 dogs and a newborn).
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