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Do you get annoyed when someone denies your friend request on Myspace?

If it's someone you know I'm talking about.

I knew this girl at school - met her in a school production and afterwards she got to know me. She came over to me first and started talking to me and just had a nice conversation, then the next day she came over to me again and started liking me and I liked her back.

Then she said "Hi" to me in front of her three best friends. Her friends asked who I was and she said my name and they got to know me and my friends got to know her as well.

But I didn't become a proper friend because it was during our exam days and we broke up two weeks after.

I found her myspace through my friend's and I added her.

Then when I signed back onto myspace the next few days, her invitation had gone from the sent list so she must have denied me. I saw when she signed in.

I got confused and upset thinking why would she deny me. Usually people deny you if they don't like you. I hadn't done anything to her so why would she deny for no reason? She was the one who came over to me first.

I added her again and she denied me again and I got angry, though I tried to be calm with her and sent her a message saying that I didn't understand that she wanted to be friends with me in public yet she won't accept on myspace. What really shocked me and really upset me is that she has most of my friends on her friends list, including my two brothers and my two sisters, she won't accept me and I find that really mean of her yet she has my siblings on her list! What is her problem??

A few weeks later when she saw me and said "Hiii" I ignored her and showed her how she liked it.

Doesn't this upset you as well?


It's just that she has all my siblings on her list which angers me the most.

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    not really maybe because that really doesnt happen to me i am more of the denier myself because i get many random requests so i understand why your frustrated but that doesnt happen to me

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    I deny and do away with every physique bout negativity from my existence and from my social pages, i dont have been given time for iit, and it seems u dont the two, DONT upload her returned, its good to distance your self from unfavourable ppl .

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