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Freddy Kreugar vs Michael Myers?

Who will win?

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    Ok,this is interesting.Unlike previous questions involving Freddy fighting someone,this match up is a little different.Here's the difference:Unlike all the others Freddy has been pitted against,Michael Myers has never been shown as being afraid of anything.Actually,other than anger,he's shown very little emotion at all.In his earliest appearances in the original series of films he is completely devoid of emotion,as empty and blank as the mask he wears.Therefore,unlike the others Freddy has faced,Michael could go toe to toe,or dream to dream as is the case,and not have to worry about finding away to bring Freddy into the real world to fight him effectively.Even Jason when he faced Freddy had his fears,which Freddy then used against him.But what would Freddy be able to do against a guy like Michael who has no fear?I don't know if he could kill Freddy in the dream world.But then again Freddy has been consistently defeated upon numerous occasions in the dream world by a lot weaker characters than Michael(teen age girls for example).So I'm pretty sure that even if he couldn't be killed while fighting in there,he would still find himself in a very difficult fight and more than likely end up beaten by Michael.And if for some reason the fight did leave the dream world,well then it's a safe bet that Freddy's going down,because the only thing they haven't done yet to Michael is blowing him up and even if they did that,it probably wouldn't work.He's been shot(they used so many rounds in the one movie that it was crazy,lol),stabbed,burned,thrown out a window,electrocuted,poisoned,and just about any other way you could think of to try and kill some one and it hasn't worked.So,unless Freddy's packing a nuclear warhead or something else that's just about as lethal,if the fight is in the real world,his a$$ is grass.Michael Myers wins,nuff said.

  • Anonymous
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    Michael Myers would win Freddy's power is fear and without it he's powerless Michael runs on nothing but Anger Fred would be dead but Would put up a good fight it'd be like freddy vs jason just Michael instead of jason

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