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Is it worth buying Nikon D80 now at $640 body only?


I am planning go buy a DSLR camera after my canon IXUS series P&S camera.

I had great experience with my P&S camera.

Now I want to just explore myself how good talent I have in photography which can help me relive from my all day hectic lifestyle.

I love to take beautiful snaps of small insects, flowers and also sometime landscapes and portraits.

I am looking anything as a business it’s all for my passion.

I am a kinda confused between Nikon D40 and Nikon D80 kit cameras.

I am worried which one to opt since I will keep my camera at least for another 3 to 4 years. And want to make good collection of Lens for micro and Zoom.

So, please anyone who can give me unbiased solution would be much appreciated.

I did consider canon EOS 450D, I have some strong feeling Nikon would be a better buy compared to Canon for DSLR.

I am getting Nikon D40 for around $350 with 18-55mm ED kit lens and Nikon D80 for $800 with 18-135mm kit lens. This is the cheapest price compared to US pricing with warranty.


Yes....I am planning to use and learn all manual setting so that I can take exceptionally better images than the normal Auto focus work.

If I need to take everything on auto focus its better to stick to P&S rather than upgrading to DSLR.

And one more thing...I just now saw Canon EOS 500D is almost $850 with kit lens in US as I am planning to get Nikon D80.

What shall I do..??? Now confused...whether to stick to Nikon or Canon EOS 500D...

Any way I feel Live view and video recording is not the feature I am looking in a DSLR...

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    Okay between the D80 and D40, I would definitely recommend the D80 without reservation. Two reasons why I would get the D40, which I also own, is 1. if you need the smaller size or 2. if you would prefer to save the money towards lenses down the line.

    But if you want to save money I will probably have to opt to go towards the entry level Canons especially when they go on sale from places like Amazon or Dell. Like I said in my other thread, I believe the entry level Rebels offer better features than the Nikon D40. Nikons almost never go on sale, very rarely anyways.

    Also I believe the D80 kit w/ 18-135mm for $800 seems a bit more expensive than I have seen. I think it should be around $650 to $700. The 18-135mm is tack sharp, but has a bit of distortion, I recommend buying the body only and match it up w/ the 18-105mm VR.

    If you can get the D80 for cheaper I think it is a great camera and will serve you well even in 3 or 4 years.

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    Your P&S camera can actually work as a great tool to express yourself, its not the camera its the artist, but with a d80 or d40 it depends on what yoru going for.

    If you want to have max capability you can get a D40 with the main lens, then get like a macro telephoto or a regular telephoto lens, and have mroe for the same price.

    the d80 is amazing and one highly recomended bugger vs the d90 because its cost is way lower, but personally i have a d60 which is a d40 on crack, and i am blown away, the d80 has more options and some are flashy but not for everyone.

    Do you use auto mode all the time? or do you set stuff manually? do you plan to do HDR pictures?

    If you go to kenrockwell 's website you will find that he loves two nikon's and has tested them all, the d40 and the d200 both of witch are the low end ones in their class, but both blow away their big brothers for many reasons.

    anyhow think about it. good luck :D

    one last note, cameras hold their value highly (for a couple years) and this way if you decide to upgrade you can sell your lesser one for nearly the same value.

    my recommendation for a person who wants photos the d40 will blow you away, plus if you dont know what your missing from the d80 you never will.

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    You should visit Nikon's website and compare technical parameters of these cameras. They have given every detail there. If you are serious about your hobby, then my suggestion would be to go in for D80 which is more professional than D40. That is why the price difference.

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  • Kite
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    Yes. It's a great camera.

    I'd go with the D80, honestly... firstly, the in-body focusing motor, meaning you can use almost every DX lens... (and FX for that matter) and also it's slightly more advanced, allowing you room to 'grow into'.

    Please do invest in lenses. Do some research, and remember... investing in lens is the wisest choice - you'll get rid of your camera body one day, but not your lenses.

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