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主題是breaking up


A: Hey, everybody. I have some bad news.

B: What is it? What happened? Are you ok?

A: No, I'm not ok. I am going to break up with Mary.

C: Why? You two look so happy together. You two have been dating for a year!

B: I know! Mary is with you all the time. She is very loyal. Did she do something wrong?

A: We just don't have feelings anymore. She is first girlfriend and now I want to make more friends.

能幫我編A.B.C 三個人的對話嗎


而且接下來的句子要包含anger,shock,don't care, disappointed, stronger 謝囉





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    2009-06-16 20:35:27 補充:

    C: Wow! I am shocked! I thought after what you have been through together in the past year, you would be strongly tight together!

    A: I know we two were really happy together, but some how I just really don't care as much as before.... do you guys think she will be really disppointed about me?

    2009-06-16 20:35:45 補充:

    B: I don't know, I guess maybe you need to think an excuse to end this relationship.

    2009-06-16 20:35:53 補充:

    C: Yeah, I think "B" is right, we both know Mary angers easily, I think you really don't want to break up with her in a bad way, especially when you have her friends all around you. You know, they may all try to against you together and make you life miserable...

    2009-06-16 20:36:03 補充:

    A: Oh man, I think you both right, I almost forget I got no friends besides you two... I am so pathetic.....

    A: You know what, next semester I am going to take more classes, I will make my self look busy, sooner or later, she will feel bored then maybe she will try to find someone else!

    2009-06-16 20:36:07 補充:

    B: That may be a good idea! Make her break up with you first!

    C: Good luck with you brother!

    A: Thanks guys! We will see what happens!

    2009-06-16 20:36:53 補充:

    哈哈 sorry 太常沒辦法一次送出所以分了很多次

    希望不會超過四分鐘 :)

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