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    A: Besides, considering the high expectations Taiwanese women have of mates, how would these “Tri-High females possibly want to marry me?

    B:“Tri-High females, what are those?

    A: They stand for high educational background, high position (high-ranked profession)and high income.

    They-3個 high

    Stand for-代表

    不確定高職業是什么意思, 提供“高職位”和 “高尚的職業”供你參考。

    B: (After) hearing what you said, it seems really frustrating!


    A: How so?

    B: it currently appears that most of the males who would marry foreign brides are not very well-off financially (economically), and many of them are blue-color workers. Relatively, since they are more disadvantageous in terms of carrying on the marriage and a family, the percentage of slow-developed children among foreign brides is five times as high as normal children. Additionally, birth ratios in Taiwan have been steadily declining over recent years; one out of every three new births was given by a foreign bride. Wouldn’t this drag down the country’s competiveness and the quality of its citizens?

    A: Don’t worry about it. Nowadays, the government has a lot of good policies pinpointed to this dilemma; I believe that my future marriage is to be a happy one!

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    A: In addition, women in Taiwan's request for a partner so high, they are the "three highs" of women, how I may want to get married!

    B: "three high" F? What is that?

    A: is a highly educated and high-income occupations and ah!

    B: to listen to you say, it seems very reluctant to do it!

    A: how to say?

    B: For now it appears the boys will marry foreign brides most of the economic income of the poor, many of them are working class. Marriage in the family is relatively more disadvantaged business, so have had a foreign brides gave birth to their children the proportion of developmental delay is generally 5 times more children. With the proportion of Taiwan's declining fertility in recent years, Taiwan has every three newborns is one of the foreign brides of Health. The quality of the population with the national decline in the competitiveness of it!

    A: This is not to worry, many government policies to address the issue, a good response, I believe that my future is a happy marriage!

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