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ramadan? why do shia muslims like to cut themselves and to hurt themselves and bleed?

why do they like blood? and stuff like that? for Ali.. I am not muslims... but in Shiism is allowed to have a picture of the Imam Ali meanwhile they are against christians.. why is that? why can't you have a cross in iran?

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    They do it to mourn the death of Ali (ra)

    Allah says in the Quran:

    Do not expose yourselves to ruin. (2:195)

    This ayah implies that you should not harm yourself intentionally, and doing so is a sin. This is because Muslims believe that the body we are in is given to us as a trust by Allah, and that as His stewards we must look after our bodies so that when we return to Him (i.e. die) we can return our bodies in the condition that Allah gave it to us.

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    I'm a Muslim, But I'm not Shii, I'm Sunni, but I can answer you. 1- Why do Shia Muslims Beat themselves? - Like in every religion or doctrine there are beliefs, Shia Muslims believe that Husein (the grandson of prophet Muhammad PBUH) has been Killed in Iraq (Karbala' City) and (Shimer ben the aljawshan) is the one who killed him. All that is true, and we (as Sunnis) believe in that too, but what Shias believe is that the people of Iraq and Specially people of Kufa City are responsible of his murdering because they sent him over 500 letters asking him to come back to Iraq and rule instead of (Yazeed), and when he came back to them and had a battle with Yazeed army, none of them stood beside him to defend on him. so they say that we're exposing our emotions by beating our self and in the same time we're showing that we're so guilty and deserve to be punished. and this is the part that we don't believe in, because prophet Muhammad didn't commanded it. at least that what I could understood, and part of it could be wrong. 2- what's the difference between sunni or shia? They are two different doctrines, they both worship Allah, they both believe that Muhammad (PBUH) is the final messenger of Allah, but they have many differences of how they apply the Islamic rules, although they both pray in the same way, but if I want to explain it to you it will be long as hell, because you have to understand Islam at first, and then you can understand the difference between the Islamic sects. I really hoped that it won't be that long, but I couldn't make it shorter.

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    Not all the Shias hit themselves till they bleed. They are doing it for their love and sorrow of what happened to Imam Hussein(as). I personally think that hurting yourself till you 'bleed' is haram. But, as I said, only a few shias bleed themselves. Out of ALL shias I know, none of them bleed themselves. Also, in regards to beating, yes I do that, but not hard so that it hurts me. I do it softly. But, yet again, beating is a sign of how much we care for Imam Hussein (as). It has also become a culture to do this since the day Imam Hussein (as) was martyred. The women started to beat themselves (after Imam Hussein (as) was killed) an so it remained a culture for shias ever since.

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    Jazakum Allah shia brother . I am a sunni and I always wonder why shia do this . You took truth .But wht aytallh Ali khamnai does not come to t.v and says its haram ...???


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    it is a way that some mourn for the family of The Prophet (SAW), the Shia Muslims I know, do not practice this. You must keep in mind that harming one self is not allowed In Islam.

    Which is why I don't believe one needs to harm themselves to show their love for the Ahl al bayt.

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    The Shee'ah & Raafidaah

    By Dr. Saalih as-Saalih

    A glimpse into the deviance and debauchery of this disbelieving sect of the Rawaafid, may Allaah destroy them unless they repent and come back to Islaam!

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    Corruption, false doctrine, cult ritual, just like the song and dance memorized chanting endorphine-releasing salat prayer exercise routine in which a person is prostrate for 3 seconds per rakkah and they dare to call it prayer.

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    Salam brother,

    Shia do it because they mourn Imam Hussain (AS) the son of Imam Ali (AS) and the grandson of the prophet (peace be upon him and his pure family)

    And its not in shia belief its a culture.. not shia'sm

    Also, a lot of Shia scholars said it is haram...

    I, a shia, Personally think its haram

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    HAHA! are you so pathetic that you think becuase a muslim is apart of a certain sect that they for some reason cut themselves"?

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    It is but a huge big show of religiosity. Many of those peanut brains just want to be noticed as Macho.

    Millions of good saintly people have died for just and noble causes and also have been treated far more cruelly. Muslims always want to present their religious figures as un comparable.

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