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The magic may have lost, but did you see how JJ Redick broke Kobe?

That was a sick layup. and he put it over Gasol

Starting Five for next year

PG Jameer Nelson

SG JJ Redick

SF Hedo Turkoglu

PF Rashard Lewis

C Dwight Howard

and I don't give a **** what you say about my boy JJ, he starting


And Kobe know better than to **** with JJ. Just look at the muscles on that dude and look at Kobe vs. Chris Childs and you'll know what I mean

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    Rafer Alston>Jameer Nelson

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    Oh gosh!!!! He held Kobe to 30+ points a game!!! Sick defensive player!! (THAT WAS SARCASM BY THE WAY) I'm a HUGE DIE HARD Duke fan but JJ Reddick isn't starting next year it's going to be Courtney Lee....if no trades are made. He probably will never be a starter. No one cares about him hitting a shot over Kobe. JJ is my favorite player on the Magic but I could care less about the Magic and I could care less about JJ hitting a shot over Kobe. Go Lakers 2009 NBA Champions. And as far as "Kobe not wanting to mess with JJ"'s the other way around..."JJ doesn't want to mess with Kobe" Kobe would mess him up. Kobe is way better then JJ will ever be....THE TRUTH...and who is this "Chris Childs" that you speak of? Someone you created in a video game???

    Source(s): STATS DON'T LIE
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    The Magic are my team, but you sound like an idiot. JJ Redick will never start on a team. He's a three point shooter, nothing else. I like him a lot I'm just honest. His role is to come off the bench as a relief player and occasionally get ten points in a game. And Chris Childs? Who? I honestly hate Kobe, but he's the second best player in the game statistically in MVP votes. When you compare Kobe with four championship rings to Chris Childs you just sound like an idiot. I said before I hate Kobe and the Lakers, especially Derek Fischer, hate him so much, but JJ won't start, and Kobe's a great player.

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    Wow. Are you serious? I know you're sore from the loss because you are bringing up some insignificant thing against the Lakers that nobody obviously cares about, like it mattered for Kobe to play any defense anyway.....and JJ big muscles? He's buff I bet but have you NOT seen Kobe? Dude, lay off the drugs.

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    Yea he held Kobe to 30 points, 5 assists, 6 rebounds and 2 steals. JJ really made Kobe look bad. He handed him the MVP award, what a nice guy.

    Source(s): Lakers 2009 - #15
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    jj who? kobe scored over 30. yea, thats supreme domination, watch out Kobe.

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    ur rite JJ broke KObe and thats y LAKERS ARE CHAMPS

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    I give props to Magic, it takes a great team to beat Celts and Cavs. Cant wait for my Lakers to give them a rematch next season

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    no but did you see how the lakers **** up your gay *** orlando magic **** hole and how kobe won finals mvp 2009.

  • nah man you trippin

    Lee gonna start

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