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i have a model airplane question?

if you have two model airplanes made by the same company but are different models can you fly them both at the same time or will they interfere with each other? or any other tips about rc model airplanes.


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    It isn't the airplane that is in question, it's the radio equipment. The radio equipment for both airplanes can not be on the same channel or frequency if they are to be flown at the same time. If you do it anyway both airplanes will be shot down because of the signal interference.

    If both airplanes are on 27 MHz, even if the frequencies are different (like 27.045 and 27.195) it is best not to fly them at the same time. Check the transmitters to see what channels they are on. Also range check the radios, procedure should be in the instructions.

    I also suggest checking the balance of the models. Hopefully the instructions show a balance point. If they do, use that location to balance the model. You'll be supporting the model under the wing using your fingertips (1 finger per side). The model should hang slightly nose down. If it hangs tail down DO NOT fly it this way because it will be very difficult to nearly impossible to control. To get it back in balance if it is tail heavy or hangs more than slightly nose down, move the radio gear around if possible. If not, then add weight to the nose (tail heavy) or tail (too nose heavy)....use flattened fishing sinkers, heavy washers, modeling clay, etc.

    If these models are foam, you can repair them with white glue or get some 5 min epoxy. When using epoxy be sure to mix in equal parts or it won't cure properly. Warning tho...epoxy has a nasty habit of getting on your hands (and its hard to scrub off) no matter how neat and careful you are at applying it to the model. For that reason alone I hate epoxy but use it anyway...handy for installing firewalls on all models.

    If you are new to the hobby, cyanoacrylate glues (aka CYA) are VERY popular but also VERY VERY dangerous. If you use them, handle with extreme care, keep debonder nearby, and be sure to wear safety glasses because the glue can easily splash into your eye causing it to burn like hell and will immediately glue it closed. Also the fumes when it cures causes a burning sensation in the eyes which I found out later is an acidic reaction on the cornea of the eye. Personally, the burning sensation hurt too much so I quit using this type of glue long ago in favor of slower drying white and yellow glues.

    Don't fly in areas where there are lots of obstructions like power lines, trees, soccer goals, etc. It is best to fly at a sanctioned field but you'll need an AMA license to do so. The AMA website:

    Most importantly...HAVE FUN! :)

    Source(s): RC airplanes are my hobby, especially electric parkflyers :)
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    I would need more information on the subject. It has nothing to do with the model or type of airplane but the radio equipment. If your receiver and transmitter crystals are different you can fly them at the same time.

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