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Under current hard line Iranian law is A-JAD guilty of treason? and is treason punished by death sentence?

and if guilty should death sentence be from stoning/hanging/or rifle bullet? or?


Falsifying election results like he did is that considered treason?

Update 2:

and if guilty should death sentence be from stoning/hanging/or rifle bullet? or?

Update 3:

I think America should get involved it would be the right thing to do GLORIA thanks for the photo updates out of Iran it looks like the A-JAD stormtroopers used shotguns and rifles and clubs on students I AM WRITING MY CONGRESS REPRESENTATIVE HER IN FLORIDA I will include copys of those images . I pray for those brave souls in Iran who now face the wrath of A-JAD and my preferance for his death would be stones on his head by the people of Iran. DINO

Update 4:

Paul good to see you buddy and yes he should lose his head over this as well as many of his supporters who broke laws as well....treason is a high end game no matter who plays to it...dino

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    Well sure! Someone gotta do it....looooool

    He is the new dictator;-p

    Pictures of students being attacked.

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    I doubt he will be tried for treason and this is not for the U.S. to get involved it doesn't really matter who won the election both candidates stand on the same principles when it comes to Foreign Affairs and nuclear war fare! The main man in Iran is Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader he decides war or peace not the person who wins the election.

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    The Iranian people should take care of it. They should start a revolution.

    I don't think we should get involved unless they are a serious threat to us (and I don't mean the kind of "threat" that Saddam Hussein was)

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    We both know the Guardians Council already counted the votes last month.

    The only thing left to do is revolt.

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    it most likely is under some law he probly could get thrown in jail but he will never admit to fraud and nothing will ever be found his gov't will hide it all

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    Yes he could lose his head over the ordeal

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