which oils are better - Young Living or DoTerra?

I would like to know your thoughts...

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    1 decade ago
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    I used to use Young Living essential oils and still think they are very good oils. I friend of mine introduced me to Doterra essential oils several months ago and I was greatly impressed with their quality and purity. People who are familiar with essential oils usually comment on how impressive Doterra oils are after their first use. PLUS, they will give you your money back if you are not satisfied with your experience.

    Doterra's development experts also claim to visit growing locations throughout the world to source oils. Additionally, they also claim to subject their oils to rigorous testing to ensure the oils are free of impurities and have potent levels of key active constituents. None of my friends have experienced any sensitivity to a single Doterra essential oil which cannot be said of other oils we have used. Using a quality oil really will make a difference in your essential oil experience.

    Although I was pleased with my experience with Young Living oils, I was disappointed to learn that the farms in which they claim to grow their oils represent only a very small part of their total oil supply. Doesn't change the fact that I liked their oils, just leaves me wondering about their marketing claims. (BTW--I am still not sure if Gary Young is a Doctor as he claims as there is much controversy and contradiction about him on search engines.) Doterra seems to take a more mainstream approach to essential oils while Young Living was into some weird spaces I wasn't comfortable with--just my personal preference.

    I would suggest people try both products and let the results speak for themselves. Either way, essential oils are great for anyone concerned with improving their health. I like Doterra oils, but better to use Young Living oils than nothing at all.

    (If you are new to essential oils, there is a simple and informative introduction to essential oils at http://www.doterra.com/essentialDefinition.php , or at http://youngliving.com/en_US/wellness/about-essent... .)

  • 5 years ago

    I have tried both young living and doterra. I personally believe that young living is the best out there!. I recommend you try them your self and decide from there but you will probably find that young living is much better oils. I wouldn t use any other as I have done countless hours of research and found young living is my winner.

  • Doterra came from young living because they didn't like what young living was doing with there oils when they were a part of the company.

    I think doterra but that is just me!

  • 1 decade ago

    Great question - Young Living has been around ALOT longer than DoTerra (I believe Doterra just launched last year) and YL has always had a strong reputation for where/how they grow their plants, who they source from and how the oils are distilled. I understand their owner, D. Gary Young, actively visits locations throughout the world to ensure that the plants and those sourcing to his company are of the highest quality.

    One thing to consider is that Young Living owns several farms (located in Idaho, France, Ecuador, and Utah) where they grow their own plants and have years of experience under their belt.

    It is true that not all essential oils are created equally, but if you were going to spend money on essential oils - the safe bet would be on Young Living. They are a little bit more expensive but you get what you pay for in the world of essential oils.

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