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can someone explain me this movie?

the movie is "Mackintosh man" 1973, i need to do a homework about it, but i didn't understand it quite right, i think it's really complicated, can someone explain it to me please?

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    The Mackintosh Man (1973)

    Starring: Paul Newman, James Mason

    Director: John Huston

    Synopsis: An agent of the west sets his sights on a nefarious communist spy in this action-filled cold war thriller.

    Runtime: 100 minutes

    MPAA Rating: PG

    Genres: Action, Mystery, Suspense

    The Mackintosh Man is a 1973 British cold war spy thriller film directed by John Huston and starring Paul Newman, James Mason, Dominique Sanda and Ian Bannen. It was produced by John Foreman and William Hill as associate producer from a screenplay by Walter Hill and William Fairchild based on the novel The Freedom Trap by Desmond Bagley. The music score was by Maurice Jarre and the cinematography by Oswald Morris. It was made by the Newman-Foreman Company and Warner Bros.

    The film stars Paul Newman, Dominique Sanda and James Mason with Harry Andrews, Ian Bannen, Michael Hordern, Nigel Patrick, Peter Vaughan, Roland Culver, Leo Genn, Percy Herbert and Robert Lang.

    The film was shot in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Malta. It and the book it is adapted from, are loosely based on the exposure and defection of George Blake, a Soviet agent in British intelligence. The scene where Slade and Rearden escape from prison are inspired by Blake's escape from Wormwood Scrubs in 1966. The jail scenes were filmed at Liverpool Prison.

    Paul Newman - Joseph Rearden

    Dominique Sanda - Mrs Smith

    Ian Bannen - Slade

    James Mason - Sir George Wheeler MP

    Michael Horden - Brown

    Harry Andrews - Mackintosh

    Nigel Patrick - Soames-Trevelyan

    Peter Vaughan - Inspector Brunskill

    Jenny Runacre - Gerda

    Roland Culver - Judge

    Percy Herbert - Taafe

    Robert Lang - Jack Summers

    Noel Purcell - O'Donovan


    Joseph Rearden (Newman), an agent of British Intelligence arrives in London and makes a rendezvous with Mackintosh (Andrews), the head of his organisation in a discreet office located just off Trafalgar Square. Mackintosh and his deputy, Mrs Smith (Sanda), inform him of a simple way to steal diamonds which are transported via the post service to avoid attention. This he does, apparently getting successfully away after punching a postman, and making off with the diamond-filled parcel. However, that evening, in his hotel room he is paid a visit by two Metropolitan Police detectives who have received an anonymous phone call advising them about the robbery. They are unconvinced by Newman's pretence to be an innocent Australian who had recently arrived in London.

    The Judge at his trial is angered by the failure to recover the stolen diamonds from Rearden, who he believes has stashed them away somewhere, and sentences him to twenty years in jail. Rearden is shipped off to a bleak prison in the North of England. He slowly begins to blend in with the other prisoners, and is assigned to laundry-washing duties. A few days after entering he encounters Slade (Bannen), a former British spy who has been exposed as a KGB mole, who is being kept in high security. He makes innocent enquiries of his fellow inmates about Slade - but not a great deal is known about him.

    A few weeks after his entry into prison, he is approached by a well-spoken inmate who offers to act as a go-between with an organisation that can spring him from the prison in exchange for a large cut of the stolen diamonds. They are used to helping prisoners escape, and have another exit planned shortly which he can join if he is prepared to put up the money - to which he agrees. Two days later a diversion is arranged, and smoke bombs are hurled over the walls. Using the smokescreen Rearden and a fellow prisoner, who turns out to be Slade, are lifted over the walls by a cargo net and then driven away at high speed. They are then drugged by a needle injection and taken to a secret location - somewhere in wild, deserted countryside. When Slade and Rearden wake up they are told that they will be kept there for a week until the man hunt for them dies down.

    In London Mackintosh discreetly monitors the progress of Rearden. His entry into prison has been a planned sting operation to smoke out the organisation. It is now intended that they will be raided, rounded up and Slade returned to prison. Following a speech attacking the handling of the Slade escape by an old friend and war comrade, Sir George Wheeler MP (Mason) in the House of Commons Mackintosh approaches him and advises him it would be better to remain silent or risk embarrassing himself. Wheeler, however, despite masquerading as a staunchly patriotic right-winger, is in fact a Communist and an agent of the KGB. He immediately tips off the head of the organisation where Rearden is being held. Mackintosh had in fact suspected Wheeler, and had used their meeting to try and flush him out. Before he can act, he is deliberately run down by a car, and dies soon afterwards.

    Rearden now falls under suspicion where is being held, and they now began to doubt his claims to be an Australian criminal, beating him violently and savaging him with a guard do

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    Joseph Rearden takes the fall for a robbery and winds up in the Scrubs. From there he escapes in the company of a convicted spy and is taken to a remote manor at an unknown location where he is kept isolated. He overpowers his guard and flies, but nothing is quite what it seems in this drama of intrigue as Rearden pursues his quarry from Ireland to Malta. Written by Martin H. Booda {booda@datasync.com}

    British agent Joseph Reardon is recruited by spymaster Mackintosh to impersonate an Australian criminal and infiltrate a mysterious spy ring in an operation so covert that no one but Mackintosh and his secretary, Mrs. Smith, know the truth. Reardon robs a postman of a diamond shipment and allows himself to be caught and sentenced to 20 years in Chelmsford Prison, where he becomes acquainted with Slade, a notorious traitor serving a life term. Recruited by an organization that arranges escapes for high profile prisoners in exchange for half of their hidden loot, Reardon, along with Slade, soon finds himself out of jail and in a safe house in Ireland. Mackintosh makes the error of confiding part of his operation to his old friend and patriotic MP, Sir George Wheeler. Wheeler, a covert traitor, arranges to have Mackintosh meet with an accident and exposes Reardon to his captors. Finding himself on the run again. Reardon is aided by Mrs. Smith, who reveals herself to be Mackintosh''s daughter, They both pursues Slade to Malta, where they hope to expose Wheeler for the traitor he is. Written by Gabe Taverney (duke1029@aol.com)

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