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Why should all Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza apply to become full Israeli citizens?

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    West Bank?

    Name of this land Judea and all Jews who live there are Israeli citizens.

    There is Arabs state located in the East Palestine. her name is Jordan. And all Arabs were and will be her citizens again.

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    THEY DON'T WANT TO BE ISRAELI CITIZENS. THEY WANT TO LIVE FREE IN THIER LAND. And share it with jewish natives that were there with them before living peacfully until the European leaders with Britian forced the European Jews there and promised a land if they leave. The real jews and arabs were living together before arabs were forced out by Europeans. Remember the crusades???? The christians went through the land of Ibrahim and killed Jews and Palestinians calling them heathens. It always is someone being a bully. No one is right but God. Godbless.

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    The Israeli Arabs are people who have been unswerving to Israel. The "palestinians" are people who sided with the enemy. So now they're procuring it with the help of being taken care of like rubbish with the help of there Muslim brothers who use them as political pawns,

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    They shouldn't. They should embrace peace, reject violence and start building a society instead of murdering civilians and blowing things up. 40 years of Palestinian terrorism has achieved nothing but misery for their cause.

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    right of return is a non issue

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    Why on earth would Israel do that?

    Weird move.

    But, it would be a good one.

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    ok i have a question

    im gonna answer your question, and your gonna disagree

    so my question is "why do you care?"

    are you gonna die if you dont know the answer???

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    no thanks. they don't want to be, anyway.

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