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Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs?

I have always hear people that feed raw use raw eggs. Some people even give them as a treat and I never though anything of it. Then I was reading some info on the internet and several sites said dogs can not have raw eggs. This is what it said:

They contain an enzyme called avidin, which decreases the absorption of biotin (a B vitamin). This can lead to skin and hair coat problems. Raw eggs may also contain Salmonella.

They also say people can't eat raw eggs, but I eat cookie dough all the time and never have a problem. What about cookie dough ice cream, it has raw eggs?

Anyways can dogs eat raw eggs really? Or will it make them sick because I have always heard they were good for them.

Thank you!


Im so confussed still!! yes,no,yes,no,yes,no?????

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    Definitely they can, raw eggs are great for dogs. I've heard all the no, they can't eat them, complaints and they are not true. The reasons people say they are not good, are because of possible bacterial concerns, and loss of biotin, so I'll say why those concerns are not practical.

    Dogs don't have the digestive track of humans, they have shorter intestines and a greater immune system to bacteria in raw meat. Every now and then a dog unfamiliar with eating raw foods may get diarrhea, but they very quickly develop an immunity to the bacteria and don't get sick again.

    As for loss of biotin. I have heard that feeding yolks causes the dog to lose biotin and then becomes deficient. There is more than enough biotin in egg yolks to make up for the loss the occurs.

    Also, feeding the shell adds calcium to a diet, not everyone does it, but some do.

    Raw eggs are healthy and are full of a lot of great nutrients and are incredibly healthy to their system. I highly recommend feeding raw eggs.

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    Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs

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  • 4 years ago

    Can Dogs Eat Eggs

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    Dogs can eat raw eggs in moderation but they can't eat alot like 50 or 70 eggs all at once i give my dog one raw eggs a day it helps to keep there fur shinny.... Woooooooffff Woooooffff

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    Dog can eat eggs, there are actually good for the fur. They actually like raw eggs. I had to double the fencing around the chicken coop so Vickie and Lobo wouldn't get in and eat the eggs. Dog have a sense of what they can and can't eat. I hope this answers. And thank you for answering mine question the other day.

    Source(s): I'm a retired Nurse.
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    I have grown up with dogs for thirty plus years. Eggs are fine, as long as they are scrambled plain, and then no more then two total.

    As long as the dog is healthy, raw eggs can be used, and are mentioned in a new trend, for lack of better word, called the BARF (I am not making this up) diet, or biologically appropriate raw foods. Additionally, egg shells are supposed to be full of calcium, which the dogs will eat readily.

    Either way, eggs are an excellent sourse of protein for the pooches.

    If you have any questions or other concerns, check with your vet.


    Also check this site out...

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    Yes absolutely they can! I give my kibble fed dogs one raw egg each (whole entire thing, I just hand them the egg straight from the fridge) every day.

    It has improved their coat and skin drastically; its shinier and healthier. They love eating it and its quite helpful with training when I want them to do a difficult trick, because an egg is so valuable to them they will do pretty much anything possible! :)

    You can go ahead and give your dogs raw eggs, I'd start out with one every week nd move up to every day or every other day so that they can get used to it. You might also have to help crack the shell for them the first few times, so they get the hang of it!

    You should definitely feed raw eggs to your dogs, it helps improve so much!

    Source(s): Feed my dogs raw eggs every day
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    In the wild, dogs are omnivores that prefer meat/protein that don't have access to fire and a stove. They ate raw eggs all the time. The pet food industry wants you to think dogs evolved on diets high in carbs. They didn't. They evolved on diets high in raw proteins and vegetables. Saying raw egg is bad for a dog is like saying raw meat is bad for a dog. Dogs never cooked their food. They evolved to eat raw foods.

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    You will get a variety of answers on this site Obviously-but I would ask my vet. My vet has told us (we have 4 Jack Russel's) NOT to give raw egg whites, that is causes anemic blood change and can be life threatening in small or young dogs. My vet tells us that if we want to give eggs scramble them.. My dogs all get scramble eggs in the morning and a 1/2 piece of wheat toast ( the only eat dogfood in the evening) God Bless ReggieR

    Let me be clear we scramble 2 eggs between 4 dogs. I do believe in a good balance dog food, but have found no issue with this diet. I have a Jack that is 14yrs old and one that is 12 and both are going strong

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