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Shoppers Drug Mart Interview Question ..Anyone Can help me pls?

i havean interview for shoppers drug mart i wondered if anyone could help me with the questions ...

thank you

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    They will probably want reassurance that you can promote the Shoppers Optimum card & handle taks fast but efficiently.

    Another thing is, if they ask for what is your weaknesses, try to take a positive and make it look weaker than it is. IE. saying that you of sort of a perfectionist and always want to see tasks done all the way, even if it means you are stuck with more than youc an handle. you always get the job done.

    They will want to see that you are social and most importantly approachable as you know, many customers ask endless amount of questions to shoppers employees.

    Tell them you can relate to the customers and give them honest feedback and advice about products, and have knowlesge on alot of merchandise.

    Dont worry, go with the flow, and good luck!

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    I would help you.

    What are your questions?

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