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What does it mean to 86 someone?

From the context it sounds like it means to kick someone out of a room. Is this right?

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    eight·y-six or 86 (ātē-sĭks)

    tr.v. Slang eight·y-sixed or 86·ed, eight·y-six·ing or 86·ing, eight·y-six·es or 86·es

    1. To refuse to serve (an unwelcome customer) at a bar or restaurant.

    2. a. To throw out; eject.

    b. To throw away; discard.

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    According to Wikipedia, "In American English, the number 86 used as a verb, to "eighty-six," means to "ignore" or "get rid of". The first recorded usage of this term occurs in the mid-1930s. There are many theories of the origin of this usage, most pertain either to death or to prohibition."

    So kicking someone out of a room could work, yes.

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  • Rosa
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    One of the stories ( the one I've heard) goes that a long time ago there was a bar in New York that had its back entrance on 86th street, and they would expel unruly drunks out there, hence the term 'I 86ed that guy.

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    Basically, to just put them out of your life. Like saying you "file 13" something to mean you put it in the trash.

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    it means to get rid of, kick to the curb, throw away, toss out.

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