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What were Martin Luther's chief objections to the Roman Catholic Church?

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    The sale of indulgences, money for forgiveness.

    He was not mad. He was enlightened by the word of God in the bible, wish we are all capable of understanding for our selves.

    A tree is known by its fruit.

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    Luther grew up as a Catholic and as an adult became a Catholic monk. However, in the 1520s, Luther realized that, while the Catholic Church was indeed Christ's Church, the humans the ran it were imperfect just like everybody else. Some things the human clergy had done over the centuries was corrupting the Church. Therefore Luther pursued a reformation of the Church that would bring it back to it's spiritual roots.

    Sadly however, Luther's reformation movement spiraled utterly out of control when his hot-headed followers led a complete schism and breakaway from Jesus's Church. This radicalist group became known as the protestants, who established churches of their own that practiced incomplete Christianity and obeyed heretic doctrines that are in conflict with both the Bible, and the teachings of Christ. Why these radicals would do such a thing, I have no clue.

    Luther never had any intention of leading a breakaway movement from the Catholic Church. He simply wanted to reform it and reduce the corruption that had resulted from years of imperfect human rule (plus, the time period - Dark Ages - was far from stable). It is sad that his followers decided to establish an entirely knew form of Christianity - one that does not worship fully as Christ wishes - that has by now broken into more than 38,000+ denominations. Christ called us to be united under Him. This "Protestant movement" is the furthest thing from what Christ wants from us.

    Eddie - No part of the Catholic Catechism, the writings of Luther, or even the writings of the early Church Fathers back up any part of the false doctrines you've presented.

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    Luther wanted the Church to return to the teachings of the Apostles before the Papacy had taken over the Church and introduced many false doctrines. In the beginning there was no Papacy and the Church had taught that we are saved through faith alone as Paul teaches in his letters (Ephesians 2:8,9; Romans 3:28 etc), so Luther wanted the Church to once again teach this. However the Catholic leadership under the Popes were false Christians and refused to listen to Luther, and instead of seeing the error of their ways, they falsely branded Luther as a heretic when in fact they we're the true heretics.

    After further study Luther came to the realisation that the Papacy was only a human institution and not divine as the Popes falsely claimed, and he correctly identified the Papacy with the Antichrist predicted by Paul in his letter to the Thessalonians (2 Thess 2).

    Once the Lutheran Reformation got under way Satan once again set out to corrupt the truth by sending many false teachers, and leading many people into rival Protestant denominations, and this has continued right down to our own day with thousands of denominations now existing. But this isn't to be laid at the door of Luther, but rather at the door of the Popes who refused to acknowledge that they we're in the wrong over the Gospel, and their own status.

    History shows that the Popes had simply been the Bishops of Rome but that they had gradually acquired power over many centuries until they dominated the Western half of Christendom. The fact that the Eastern half of the Church though never recognised the primacy of the Pope shows that the Popes pretensions to being supreme governors of the Church are nonesense. The existense of the Papacy is down to power hungry individuals wanting to exploit and control people. The Popes have a nice friendly face these days but the reality remains the same.

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    the sell of indulgences grew to become into his chief objections to the RCC interior the ninety 5 Theses yet he additionally objected to the Catholic Church theory of good works and funds furnish salvation. He believed that faith on my own might advantage salvation and the clergymen weren't needed. this concept got here from interpreting the classic Hebrew texts first, then analyzing the classic Greek and Roman texts.

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    Their claim that they are the only way to God.

    The murders and torture of the Inquisition.

    Their efforts to control politics with an iron fist.

    Their collection of money for purposes of greed.

    Their worship of saints and Mary.

    Their belief that the Pope is a divine being.

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    Funny thing is he never really intended to leave the Catholic Church or start a new one - he was excommunicated when he refused to recant his objections. I guess the Catholic Church has itself to blame for the Protestant Reformation. ;)

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    His chief complaint was the selling of indulgences,but what most people don't know is that he remained devoted to praying the Rosary during his lifetime.

    It is relatively easy to look up and plenty of documentation to that effect.

    Blessings and peace.

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    Jesus said something like this: The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed it grows it becomes a tree and the birds of the air come and build nests in it.....or

    The kingdom of heaven is like a measure of wheat that a woman has hidden a measure of leavining in and soon the whole batch is leavened!

    Do you know what HE meant by this?

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    He posted them on the Church door, so they are easily referenced. While you are doing this, please report on Indulgences, Ignatius Loyola, and Counter-Reformation. Then after that look up "holding a grudge" and prizing self-glorification and separation as on a higher plain than communion, family, moral decay of society, college of Cardinals, Cardiinal Ratzinger, pope Benedict XVI, et alii. Once we are all back on the same page, we can ask Christ (together) for guidance, and He shall provide.

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    Simony- The buying of forgivenes... Administering the sacraments for a fee.

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    Help ppl realize that salvation is through Jesus Christ alone and that the papal system was unbiblical.

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