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Can you translate this into a japanese language not kanji i kinda need english phonetics and also roughly?

guys could you translate this roughly...this is my 3rd time asking this question but i kinda need the words in parts like lightning whole word is raiku but i only need a part of it like raijin(lightning demon) and also tensa meaning ten(heaven) so pretty much i need the rough or more literal words

Can you translate This:


i need the english phonetics guys not kanji...i dont need this 不滅の雷

but more like Tensa Zangetsu(Heavenly Chains cutting moon)

thnx guys and sory for the trouble and thanks also to Null Point

This is for my manga im weak in japanese so i really need your guys help....oh yeah can you tell me what english-japanese translations are in phonetics not kanji

Tnx again guys hope you could help me

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    rai = 雷= thunder

    zin = 神= god

    In the first place, raijin looks like a demon, but it's NOT actually, it's GOD.

    Certainly, 雷(rai/ kaminari) can be translated two ways; lightning(inazuma) and thunder, but here the latter is correct.

    You can check the translation here in an online dictionary.

    Then, the translation of "The thunder of God's rule of sunder" is gonna be 「雷神切断の法則」(raijin setsudan no housoku)

    setsudan = sunder

    no here means 'of '

    housoku = rule

    It's too difficult, but hope i helped.

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    OK Ku, let me help you. There is a way of transcribing Japanese in western letters know as romaji; it is not 'Japanese English.' It is Japanese in western letters; but, still considered Japanese. Nowadays, Japanese use much English as we are wont to use a word or two of French in our speech and writing to dress things up. That could be characterized as "Japanese English." I have been told by my Japanese friends not to use words like kampyutaa for computer anymore. Kampyutaa is an estimation of a foreign word (gairaigo) in Japanese and always written in katakana. OK so there is that help which is too late for this time but perhaps will help you in the future. I do not recommend on line translator. But, it depends on the material, I suppose. Why not take the offer of that young lady to help you translate and to try an on line translation as well and then you may check the one against the other.

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    guys its me again rex rivera could you translate it??


    Plzz guys need help tnx

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