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What are the pros and cons of an iPhone 3G S compared to conventional phones ?

I am a 15 year old guy from Singapore and I would like to get my hands on the new iPhone 3G S , but I am not sure if it is gonna be value for money or not .

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    The iPhone 3G S is similar to the normal iPhone 3G, the only difference is that the 3G S has voice control, a digital compass, video recording without jailbreaking the phone, a higher megapixel count, and auto focus selection for the camera.

    iPhones allow you to listen to music using the iPod interface. If you don't listen to music much then the iPhone I think is worthless. The cost of the iPhone is expensive. It is $200 US with a contract for the 16GB one. the iPhone also allows you to download applications and games from the Apple itunes store. Games and applications cost between free, and $.99 US to $9.99 US. The quality of the Applications and games go from utter crap to great apps. Most of the things in the appstore are I think crap.

    The phone plan is also expensive since a $30 US data plan is mandatory for AT&T customers. So the minimum cost of the phone bill per month is $70 US and that is without texting. Texting costs between $5 US to $20 US depending on how often you text. Also if you are a heavy texter and like the physical feel of a QWERTY keyboard then the iphone is not for you. The keyboard is on the screen.

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    professional: this is basically $2 hundred and $a hundred greater for double the reminiscence. 1000's of purposes and video games. in contrast to different crappy cellular telephone video games. seems marvelous! Con: No video digicam!!!!!!! o.O no theory how they did no longer placed that on there, this is extraordinarily mandatory for cellular telephones. additionally with a view to get one you could sign a settlement with AT&T for 2 YEARS! final: i do no longer own one as a results of settlement difficulty and whilst the video digicam comes out on it next 12 months i'm going to probably get it then.

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    Well no cons yet because nobody has played with one yet, but I guess no flash on the camera is a con,

    For Pros- video camera with editing, 3 megapixel camera with auto focus, voice cammand for calling and music, updated gps.

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