So she wants space..?

My girlfriend wants space. I think she's a little too young to have a long term relationship, she's just turning 18. I heard from her best friend that she had enough of relationships. But to me she said she'd like to see me during the summer vacation and she might want to get back together.. I don't want to be hold on a leash and be dumped later on. God what should I do? Oh and she's turning 18, what should I buy her? :) I love this girl to death and it's tearing me up

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    her wanting space seems like a bad sign. i would not wait an entire summer on a boy, no matter how much i liked him. honestly you cannot just wait around for her to come when she pleases. her friend may have said she has had enough of relationships... so i think you may be right. what if you do wait, and then just end up getting dumped? would it have been worth it? no, don't waste your summer on a leash. not like you're going to go out and party/be a male whore all summer... but you know what i mean. don't let her go be with another guy over the summer, and then come back to you. either she has her space... and it's over... or she can have you. i mean honestly if it's a good relationship then what does she need space for? maybe since she's 18 she just wants to be in the college party scene free of boys and drama. so i don't really know what to tell you... but if i were told to wait a summer for someone i wouldn't. it's just kind of rediculious with all the circumstances. either she wants to be with you... or she doesn't.

    well my dream present would be a puppy! but that probably wouldn't fly with her parents, and you don't want to get her something like that if she is going to leave you in the end. i would say her favorite perfume, a purse, some new clothes (which i would make sure she likes all these things... maybe take her shopping, and let her get whatever she wants) or think about something more thoughful. something that my boyfriend got me that was inexpensive, but i knew he thought about... was my favorite game to play ever when i was a kid. on my sega i loved playing lion king, and that was something he took the time to go out and find. simple, but meant something. you know her, i don't... so just think about what she likes. good luck! :)

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    Love is like a butterfly, if it is truly beautiful and worth keeping forever it will come back to you. You need to, right now, accept that things are on the decline, possibly over for good. What you just said has all indications of a leash, be on the lookout, don't say anything is even complicated, you are a free spirit once again. Check out girls, talk to them, keep an open mind, you will be just fine.

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    give her space, but try not to make her feel guilty about it, it will only push her away more. she has the decency to let you know she has a problem with you, instead of just ignoring you and turning mean all of a sudden.

    If you've given her space and things aren't looking up, and she doesn't go back to the way she's been before, and you basically feel like you're on a leash, let her go, because by then you're just been played with.

    Learn how to cope without her, because if things don't get better, you'll be forced to.

    Source(s): Im a girl who's been smothered before and doesn't like playing with peoples emotions, and will tell the truth
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    As far as a birthday gift, buy her a pretty necklace. A little pendant that she could wear with anything. As far as needing space, you have to let her go. She doesn't want to be tied down to anyone, doesn't mean she wants to see other people, just means she doesn't want to commit. Don't chase her, don't wait for her, she's not ready and she's young like you said. Later if she wants to come back, see how you feel then. You may feel differently about her after time away also.

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    Needing space is normally what happens when you want to break up with someone but need to be sure - or don't want to hurt feelings. Respectfully let her go, she might come back to you.

    However she is 18 year old - she has the whole world to see. Don't hold her back, even if you end up managing to win her so to speak, she might resent you for the reins..

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    well, if you guys split for something dumb like a little thing that was made a big deal or coz of she said she didnt felt the same , maybe shes not 4 u coz you guys will be fighting and if she dumps you again u can get hurt!

    come on , dont get whipped , try to get out more, be nice, meet girls, and if still cant forget her and stuff, it means shes 4 you.

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    Bro there is so many girls out there dont even trip. give her all the space in the world. Its not even worth all that drama. Just be like i an't playin the high school games so your with me or not. ya feel me

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    You are right, she's too young. she doesnt have a clear understanding of what she wants out of life yet. let alone she will eventuall dump you. good luck :D

    Source(s): a loooong relationship when i was way too young
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    Uh you should cut the leash and let her come to you. get her something that will last forever, (jewelry or get her pregnant)

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    give her space.

    i know it will hurt but if thats what she wants you need to give it to her.

    this happened to me, the guy didnt give me space so his a** was dumped.

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