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    Stephen King's IT




    恐怖大師引發每個人心底的驚慄故事簡介: 依據恐怖大師史提芬京1986年美國暢銷小說拍攝,一部令人驚恐萬分的恐怖片.故事講述-英國小鎮莫名其妙地出現一位貌似小丑的古怪人士,他的出現不是為人帶來歡笑,相反卻4處恐嚇小朋友,甚至為他們帶來可怖的厄運或招致死亡;30年後,此邪惡小丑再度重現小鎮為害人間,且看長大後的小朋友如何合力對抗惡魔

    IT can be anything .A fanged monser that won't stay onthe movie screen.Something ominous lurking in the basemen.No matter what your biggest fear is, no one knows it better than Stephen King.Based on King's1986 bestseller,it is a jittery,jolting excursion into personal fear starring Harry Anderson,Annette o'Toole,John Ritter and Richard Thomas.A malevolent force in a small New England town akes the shape of a clown(Tim Curry),but he's not clowing aroud.Instead,be terrifies youngsters and brings some to their untimely doom - until some wily kids fight back.The evil resurfaces 30 years later : meaner,angrier,deadlier.And friends who vivdly remember youthful terrors reunite to battle it.

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