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英文 grammar 急!20 point thanks

It was because during the process of Person A investigated Person B's marriage, he irresponsibly judged Person B's marriage is unreal and sent out a deportation letter. Person B's already entered into removal proceeding, this situation has made his family into hardship. We think that Person B's marriage is real, and thus want to complain this incident to you. Hope that you can response to us.

We understand the process of law enforcement is hard and difficult, however, the law also requires the immigration officer to investigate the case accurately and be responsible.

The law does not allow any abuse of power and irresponsible to be happened. Otherwise, it will hurt society and citizen.

Due to some issues of the elderly of family members, such as new immigration, illnesses, financial problems, etc, this newly couples didn’t move out immediately after they married, but instead they live with their parents. Because their marriage is truth, they always travel together.

We believe Person B's lawsuit is already on process, at the end, the decision of the immigration court will grant Person B's marriage is true and cancel his deportation. It is because the fact that Person B's marriage is true. As long as it is a true matter, no matter it is in China, US or the world’s court, it will judge this marriage is true. We believe that fake marriage is shameful. However, being not serious on the job is also shameful as well.

In conclusion, Hope that immigration officer, xxx, can reflect himself seriously about Person B's case and check if he has done it wrong or not. Wait after immigration court made the final judge of this case, we will reserve the right to sue them for economic and psychologically loses. This is a wrong mistake due to immigration officer, xxx, make this decision so roughly. This led to our family, as a new immigrants, have financial trouble. For example, lawyer consultation fees, moving expenses, and lost of employment, etc.

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    這是因為人一過程中調查人 B 的婚姻,他不負責任地判斷人 B 的婚姻並不真實發送了一個遞解離境字母。 B 的人已進入除法律程式,這種情況下已將他的家人做成困難。 我們認為人 B 婚姻是真正,因此要抱怨要這件事。 希望你能對我們的回應。


    法律不允許任何濫用權力及不負責任,會發生。 否則,它會傷害社會和公民。

    將由於等新入境事務處、 疾病、 財政問題的家庭成員老人的若干問題這新夫婦 didn’t 移出他們結婚,但相反他們和他們父母住在一起後,立即。 因為他們的婚姻真理他們總是旅行一起。

    我們相信人 B 訴訟已經在過程結束,入境事務處法院的判決將授予人 B 婚姻是 true 和取消他遞解離境。 這是因為該人 B 的婚姻是 true。 只要它是一個真正的問題無論在中國美國或世界 ’s 法庭,它會判斷此婚姻為 true。 我們相信假婚姻是可恥。 但是,不嚴重在工作上也可恥也。

    在總結希望,入境事務主任 xxx,可以自己嚴重人 B 的事及反映檢查是否他做了它錯誤或不。 入境事務處法庭作出這種情況下的,最後法官後等待我們將有權提出起訴,他們的經濟和心理失去。 這是由於入境事務主任,xxx 個錯誤的錯誤,所以大致作出這個決定。 這導致我們的家人作為一個新的移民,財務困境。 為例律師的診費則移動以開支,外出,並且損失的就業等。

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