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如標題 需要 以朋友做為題目的講稿

希望簡單一點 文法不要太複雜

大慨 一分鐘會講完的

真的很急 大大幫幫我吧



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    Ladies and Gentlemen, good afternoon.

    "A friend in need is a friend indeed." We're highly likely to think of

    our friends who are human beings like us. But honestly I have one

    who is not.

    Fifi is my friend, not a girl but a bird--parakeet, living in a cage in

    front of my window. When I'm excited, she would listen to me

    quietly. When I look sad without speaking, she would keep staring

    at me sympatheticaly.

    One afternoon Mom asked me to start cooking rice as soon as I

    got home from school. That day, somehow I forgot all about my

    duty. You can imagine what happened to me when the whole family came home hungry and found no rice being cooked yet.

    I rushed into my room and burst into cry. I saw my friend keep

    gazing at me also with her eyes full of tears. Oh, what a friend! No

    one in the world understands me so well and deeply.

    A true friend is not necessarily a human being. So I believe.

    Thank you!


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