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[20點] 請高手簡化一篇英文文章


Universities are unable to restore the standards they used to require of students for fear of seeing too many of their students drop out.


University teachers have had to lower their requirements-sometimes at the request of school authorities.


Little wonder that a large proportion of those who graduated from college in recent years have run into severe difficulty finding employment.


These young people have not acquired while in school the types of training and skills that make them competent employees in today's highly competitive job market.


Another disturbing outgrowth of the mushrooming of universities has been that the shortage of blue-color labor has become critical.

另一個問題是如雨後春筍般蓬勃發展的大學是造成藍領階級(blue collar)短缺的關鍵因素。

In our society, the traditional values that being well-educated equals having a high social status and that doing manual jobs is humiliating still prevail.


So, as the number of college graduates increased, the shortage of manual workers has become more acute.


The idea of allowing all who desire a college education to fulfill their hope is fine in theory.


In practice, however, it tends to carry more disadvantages, given the prevailing social and economic conditions of today.


It is time the government reconsidered this controversial policy.


After all, the top priority regarding the reform of higher education is the improvement of its quality.



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    Fearing to advance the number of dropouts, university teachers can't but lower, sometimes at the request of school authorities, the standards for students, making many of these young people too undertrained to survive today's highly competitive job market.

    The critical shortage of blue-collar labor has been another side effect of the the mushrooming of universities, which in turn is what the traditional preference of high education (presumedly equal to a high social status) over doing manual jobs has brought about.

    It's time the government broke this myth of diploma, propagandizing that it's the improvement of quality that holds the priority of the reform of higher education.

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