What is the difference in Organic step 1 and step 2 bananas baby food?

I accidentally bought natures best ( or great start, I cant remember) organic bananas in step 2, it seems the only difference is there is ten more calories, is there any other difference between step 1 and 2?


Thats it! Earth's best! So I definetly shouldn't give it to my baby without giving her the step one first.

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    I believe you purchased "Earth's Best". Step 1 is for baby's 4 month's and up; Step 2 is for baby's 6 months and up. Step 1 is a smaller serving (2.5 oz) and is finely pureed for babies just starting on solid food. Step 2 is a larger serving (4 oz) and is strained. Step 2 will tend to have a thicker consistency than Step 1. Good luck with your new addition!

    Source(s): www.earthsbest.com
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    Personally I think the only difference between stag two and stage one is bigger jars and added flavors. Sometimes the textures a bit thicker too. But with bananas I think it's all the same, just a bigger jar.

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    No...it's just a larger amount

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