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just got done watching ufc 99 disagree?

i totally disagree, with the marcus davis and dan hardy fight i think marcus shoulda won but i got over that. but how did rich franklin beat wanderlei i watched that whole fight and i think silva one he was the agrresiva one the whole time both fighters had a takedown but yea rich rocked silva a few times but rich was against the cage and silva teeed off a few times

and even if rich did win how did all judges agree i woulda thought split if he won at all (which i dont think he did) i almost think it was fixed like not the fight but what the judges were gonna say i think it was fixed

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    I'll just play it this way, because both fights were close.

    Pros of Davis Winning: Multiple submissions and good takedowns

    Pros of Hardy Winning: Superior striking and caused more damage

    Pros of Franklin Winning: dictated pace and octagon control

    Pros of Silva Winning: Landed cleaner strikes wasn't ever hurt

    I was a little mixed on the Hardy win, but Hardly clearly won the first round and the third round was hard to call. The Silva fight, I felt was a lot closer than what was said. Anyone else notice how the UFC guys were pretty calling the victories out before it went to the cards? Guess they got lucky.

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    Hardy was in the dominant position for most of the fight and did more damage. I hate Hardy, but he deserved the win.

    Rich Franklin landed way more strikes than Wanderlei and all the judges agreed he won the 1st and 3rd rounds. The weight cut affected Wanderlei's stamina and he was throwing single strikes throughout most of the fight. He usually completes successful 3 hit combos, don't know what happened today.

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    I saw Rich winning all 3 rounds. He knocked Silva down several times, took him down at will, and was the aggressor. Wanderlei landed some big shots but was unable to keep Rich in trouble. A Wanderlei haymaker only staggers Rich while a Franklin jab knocks Silva on his butt.

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    the franklin wanderlei fight is hard to call. i thought the first and third round were pretty even and the second round was silva. i hate the ufc though, the fights are so much slower than that of pride and it seems like every fight i watch ends in a decision, no ko's.

    let me explain how every fight goes. 1st round someone gets a takedown and 1 person is in the guard pounding the other guy and this lasts the rest of the round. then the guy on his back is a lot more tired second and third round and ends up lossing. the ufc needs to stand them up when **** like that happens

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    Dan Hardy definitely controlled most of the fight.

    Franklin landed more clean shots and Silva seemed more tentative. I didn't agree with the 30-27. It was more 29-28. Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg are not judges, their word is their opinions. The judges don't say ****.

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