music like billy joel, and the police?

i just started liking billy joel and the police ALOT! i was wondering what music is like them, and is this genre just classified as "rock" or is it like "classic rock"?

also i only have by the police

-every breath you take

-cant stand loosing you

and billy joel

-only the good die young

-piano man

-captain jack

i also like changes by david bowie.

So what are some other great songs by these artists, and by others to! thanks so much :)


and of newer music i realy like the fray.

Update 2:

thanks! i am downloading music right now.

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    I love the Police too (and Billy Joel has some good songs). It's hard to say because they're kinda new wave and classic rock at the same time. Some other 80s bands that remind me of them:

    the Cars


    Billy Idol

    Tom Petty


    U2 (certain songs)


    Hall & Oates

    "Let's Dance" by Billy Joel (my fave song he does, also kinda new wave rock)

    Also Maroon 5's last cd (It wont be soon before long) reminds me ALOT of the Police, especially the song "Not Falling Apart".

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    Both of these artists have been in the music industry for more than 20 yrs. That kind of music is considered "classic". So, I guess they'd be under the genre of "classic rock".

    Billy Joel:

    - It's Still Rock And Roll To Me

    - She's Always A Woman

    - Piano Man

    - You May Be Right

    - A Matter Of Trust

    - The Downeaster 'Alexa'

    - The River Of Dreams

    - All About Soul

    - She's Got A Way

    - Just The Way You Are

    - Say Goodbye To Hollywood

    - An Innocent Man

    - Keeping The Faith

    The Police:

    - Wrapped Around Your Finger

    - Fields Of Gold

    - Roxanne

    - If I Ever Lose My Faith In You

    - King Of Pain

    - Message In A Bottle

    - Walking On The Moon

    - Desert Rose

    - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

    - When We Dance

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    The Beatles or The Rolling Stones - The Beatles The Beach Boys or The Police - The Police Billy Joel or Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind Britney Spears or Spice Girls - Spice Girls Coldplay or Train - Coldplay Collective Soul or The Killers - The Killers Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin - Frank Sinatra The Fray or Snow Patrol - Snow Patrol Gavin Degraw or Switchfoot - Gavin Degraw Green Day or Hot Hot Heat - Hot Hot Heat James Blunt or Jason Mraz - Jason Mraz Josh Groban or Johnny Cash - Johnny Cash Kelly Clarkson or Sara Bareilles - Sara Bareilles Maroon 5 or Men at Work - Maroon 5 Panic! At the Disco or Relient K - Panic At The Disco Queen or U2 - Queen Shania Twain or Sheryl Crow - Sheryl Crow Journey or Steve Miller Band - Journey Sugar Ray or Shakira - Shakira

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    I have all the bands and songs you mentioned.LOL.Sounds like you enjoy listening to 80's rock.How about Tears for Fears.Simple Minds,U 2,Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers,INXS or the Fixx.

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    find a 80s rock station.

  • 1 decade ago

    classic rock

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