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Question about Gitmo prisoners: Law vs. Ethics?

There are 3 categories of prisoners

1. Innocent people who we just picked up at the wrong place wrong time

2. terrorists who have clearly broken the law.

3. Those who seem to want to harm us, who are probably dangerous, but we don't technically have evidence against them to convict them of a crime. and some of the evidence we obtained can't be used in a court of law because it was obtained through illegal methods like waterboarding.

So my question is: What do we do with that 3rd category of prisoners?

Follow the law and let them go?

Or break the law, fellow ethics, and keep them in prison?

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    follow the law. there is this guy living in canada, i forget his name, but he is a muslim and he loves osama bin laden and thinks what he is doing is the right thing. this guy has never killed anyone or anything but he says he loves osama bin laden more than he loves himself. im sure usa would see him as a threat and probably take him in their custody. that, to me, seems wrong.

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    1. The United States CIA which has more info passed into their hands daily than all the books in the world combined, accidentally getting the wrong guy, is very unlikely.

    2. Most likely.

    3. Circumstantial evidence is good enough to keep an eye on them, but again, there's more than likely way more since it's an intelligence organization that's the best this world has ever seen (or not haha).

    Sort them out, the ones that have no good evidence, release them and keep an eye like a hawk on them.

    The ones that are terrorists, shoot them now.

    The ones that are harmless, release them with an eye on them.

    BTW, Waterboarding is not illegal. Also, it does give good information *depending* on what info you're trying to get out. Trying to get a confession you probably won't get good info, trying to get a name or a time then you just might get good info.

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    I never said they where all guilty , some of them where captured because they where connected to or associated with terrorists and they didn't know how far those connections went until they where interrogated, under the circumstances it was very difficult to sort at what there connection was. Yes they should be set free ! Many others however are terrorists or where training in a terror camp and are dangerous ! I still do not believe that these guys should have trials in America and be given trials in America with Americas rules ! They are captured enemy and should be treated as such with military trials !

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    Well if they are not a US citizen then they have no rights under the law. They were just picked up on the battle field. Now after WWII ended did we keep the prisoners or let them go? Now here is the real question, Can a war on terror ever really end. Remember we let them go after a war ends. Is this one over?

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    The first commentor is going to get shot in the face by a terrorist someday, and he'll blame that on Republicans not doing enough to put a stop to those guys as he lies dying...

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    the problem with torture is if i arrested you and water boarded you and would not stop until you admitted you were a terrorist who killed Lincoln you would do so to stop the water boarding, it doesn't mean your a terrorist. the founding father who built this country on the ideal of British justice knew this fulwell and have never used torture.

    the probability is group three is part of group one but have been tortured into admitting they are terrorists

    torture provides unreliable evidence

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    first of all water boarding is not illegal go look it up and to answer your question I we should keep them in prison, but oops we're closing gitmo how silly of us.

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    Send them all back from where they came, seriously what else can we do without evidence, they don't belong in the USA.

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    Put them in the common cell area in any facility populated with perps from New York City.

    Problem solved.

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    After a fair trial, we should shoot them so that they can get their 72 virgins.

    Source(s): After a fair trial, we should shoot them so they can get to their 72 virgins.
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