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Hey, who is the Russian Prime minister (current)? How is Russia now?

Im taking history and actually I've read about communism and all. I was just researching about the Georgia-Russia war a minute ago and it seems as though Russia is helping South Ossetia alot.

So, is the rule in Russia changed from --dictatorship and all? Now, its Prime Minister and stuff? And er. What about the communism thingy - have they recovered, is the economy growing back again? Can i say that they are developing as well as China and India now?

How is the new Prime Minister, comments please?

Just interested. Russia's changed a lot, hasn't it?

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    Mikhail Kasyanov, but basically from what I have read Putin is still behind him pulling all of the strings. Russia still has a long way to go the Russian Mafia is practically running the country since the collapse of communism you should look it up. Kinda sad I was on vacation there and those filthy gang bangers were all over. They carry AK-47s in broad daylight and the country is completely poor, I seen girls on the street giving foreigners blowjobs in the alleyways to make a few rubles. At least in communism Russians had jobs, with this newly found freedom the country can't handle it.

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    Current Russian Prime minister - Vladimir Putin

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    Russia's prime minister is a fellow known as Mikhail Kasyanov, and The Russians haven't been commies since 1991. The economy is doing well, although not growing like China, and the living and economic conditions are on par with France and Switzerland. The prime minister is a decent leader.

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    when i left russia in march, vladimir putin was prime minister. still is as far as i know. kasyanov was a former prime minister. here is teh political situation.

    putin and president medvyedyev are the power. russia needs the strong, heavy handed power of them. years ago, yeltsyn's weak years, i often told my russian wife that russia needs someone to run for STALIN as if a political position, not for president. we had unfettered capitalism, probably like usa in the 20s. sweatshops, child labor, railroads running roughshod over competition- well, all the bad things of capitalism. (i do not imply russia had either sweatshops or child labor- that would be unheard of- russia is very civilized). like this example- say you live in YAHOO county. it has oil. ONE man decides to market the oil of YAHOO county, YOUR oil, and he keeps all the proceeds for himself. that is why i said we needed a stalin.

    communists are not despised, though bad memories persist from the past. about 5-7% i think, (a lot!) supporrt them at elections. chess great garry kasparov has an opposition party among several others. these are like in usa green party, socialist workers' party, ralph nader's party, libertarian, (next will it be republicans??!? hee hee) etc. 0.01%, 0.07% 1.1% etc. no voice in the duma, (congress).

    changed? yes and no. children still walk to and from school at all hours of the day, some at 1:30 to music school a mile away from regular school, some at 2:40 to art school half a mile away. no one bothers them. too many people have cars on streets designed for little car traffic, it is cheaper to call a taxi daily than to OWN a car. car+ license+ inspection (driver must get a chest x-ray among other health check-up things!!) +gas, +repairs, +maintenence. a car is status and convenience.

    russia is difficult for outsiders to invest (thank God- we (russia) would be robbed) so while growth is probably not as big as india and china, russia is comfortable.

    in my opinion, and many people are nostalgic for a lot of communist ideals, the only bad thing (modern) communism did was to destroy the churches. they are being rebuilt (thanks in great part to putin's close ties with the Russian Orthodox Church which, by the way, has no social events as american churches do. no evening supper with the ladies, no youth ski trip -and nowhere to sit-you stand for the service...) churches are being built in villages that never had churches. some that looked all but hopeless ten years ago are shining jewels today! thanks to putin! so if putin is a dictator, POWER TO HIM! russia really needs a strong leader.

    georgia "gruzya"- the georgians had territory called south ossetia, russia had a bordering "north ossetia", being gruzya's northern neighbor. the osetia peoples DID NOT wish to be under georgian control. in about 1991 ('92?) they declared independence. as did abkhazian people which have a republic bordering sochi, on the black sea. the georgians wanted to control the republic of so.ossetia, and began to kill civilians. reports told of tanks shooting into semi-underground rooms of typical log cabins which are village houses. these undergroung rooms are where people would hide from such an attack. i personally believe genocide should have been called, but no...

    american reports as well as itar-tass and state run tv told about russian counter-attacks destroying not georgians, people, the population and soldiers (humans) but MILITARY EQUIPMENT. the usa press seemed triumphant in saying "...there were no casualties..." after each report of russia's destruction of trucks, airports, planes, tanks, etc. teh russian army was set on destroying gruzia's MILITARY! not just killing people.

    Source(s): life in russia 6 mos a year for 10 years
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    It is VLADIMIR PUTIN, and who the f*** is this other guy? The president is Dmitriy Medvedev and Russia is doing quite fine. It is affected by the economic crisis, but still doing quite well compared to other regions.

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    "What about the communism thingy"

    I think that China, Cuba and North Korea are the only ones using that thingy anymore (I think, could be wrong).

    Edit: oh, yeah, I think Vietnam too.

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