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When exactly did putting a silly name on a "mutt" make them become desirable and expensive?

Do not misunderstand--- I love "mutts" they tend to be the best dogs. I visited the pet store near my home today and saw an assortment of registrable puppies including--Chihuahuas, Min Pins, A Basset Hound, Dachshunds, Cocker Spaniels, Schnauzers a Toy Fox Terrier, there were also "Chi-weenies" (Chihuahua and Dachshund)--Absolutely ADORABLE...a "Shorkie" (Shi Tzu and Yorkie) Isn't it odd that a short time ago...if a litter of puppies was born to a "pure bred" and the father was a another breed they were "undesirable"..."mutts" often given they are refered to as "hybrids" and you can stick a silly name on them and sell them for hundreds of dollars!

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    As they say, there's a fool born every second.... And a fool and his money is easily parted. If you go to Petfinders or any animal shelter you'll be able to find a lot of "hybrid" for almost free. Just as cute, just as loving and in just as much need of a new home.

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    There are always ppl who breed pure-breeds for "quantity" instead of "quality". This breeds undesirable characteristics into the breed causing many health issues over time. Then, even over more time, it weakens the breed. Making certain breeds have "common" problems that 100 years ago the breed didn't have. Like hypoglycemic Yorkies, or brittle-boned Poodles or high shedding Pomeranians.

    If you combine 2 or more breeds, in a way it "dilutes" the bad blood. Making a more sturdy breed and ultimately a healthier dog.

    It takes the breeders time and money. Anyone can breed for quantity and try to make quick money, but some breeders practice selective breeding and are helping out the dog population. You cross Poodle into almost anything and it reduces shedding for ppl with allergies and adds intelligence too. Many breeds have good traits to contribute.

    At some point, many years ago, mixing different breeds is how we got our Pure-breeds today. You have to have an open mind and look at the big picture.

    If you REALLY want a pure-breed, be selective on a breeder. Find someone who imports dogs from another country to curve the over-breeding and cultural problems that have evolved in over-bred dogs here.

    Some ppl will inbreed to double up on the good traits a certain dog has to offer. Too much inbreeding can have a reverse effect and double up on the bad traits as well.

    Anyway, that's why they sell high. Some ppl are working hard to invent, if you will, a great breed. Other ppl pick up on it and have an accidental breeding of 2 different breeds and try to make a buck. But I do believe it started with good intentions.

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  • Liz H
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    As much as I love my mutts I also really love some pure breeds and will go through a rescue group for another Lab someday.

    It's important to note that most of our modern dog breeds were created in the past 200 years, some are only 100 years old. And while he pick on new hybrids, some have been around for almost 50 years (the "cockapoo").

    My complaint is more about the mass production of any dog to meet a growing consumer want. It was Goldens in the 70's, Dalmatians in the 60's, Sharpei in the late 80's, and on and on.

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    It's just a fad.. soon Cockapoos, Chipoos, and whatever-a-poos will be worth nothing. Its retarded, sometimes you see a mixed breed of FOUR types of dog going for over $500.

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    My earliest recollection is in the 1950's, with the peke-a-poo. If there is someone here older, they may remember farther back.

    They aren't a fad, and aren't going away.... unless fads now run 60+ years...

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    A couple years back.

    Unfortunately there are tons of people who buy into this, they are the ones that keep these greeders in until people stop supporting them, I don't think anything is going to stop these sick people from torturing animals for profit.

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    Its just a matter of making money. If you market something right, I.e. a cute name like labradoodle and now its a unique desirable product.

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    It is silly, but people change the rules all the time to suit themselves.

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