Can a student attend a public school outside of their district?

Hello, yes, i am a student in high school.

This year's freshman year has ended.

And over summer i'm looking for a new school to attend.

This year, I attended private school, and have been since i was in pre-K!

and i'm pretty set on going to public school! (anyone's thought on that?)

And so i was wondering if there is any possible way a student could attend a public school outside of their district/town?

I could REALLY use some help!

so, thanks a bunches!!! : )

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    In some areas you can. Look at the school district's website of the school you wish to attend. See about district permits / transfers. If there isn't info on the website, call. Some school districts only allow permits if your parent works in the district, for the district, or for the city. Usually you will have to get an OK from your home district, since they will be losing money by you going to another district, but usually that isn't a problem, it's more a problem getting an OK from the out of area district. They might not feel very sympathetic toward you since you're coming from a private school, unless you'll add something like diversity or are a fantastic athlete they need, etc.

    Be sure to visit the public school to see if it's the right fit for you, especially since you've been attending private school. Also, consider if it might make a difference for college. Make sure you can get the classes you need at the new school to add to the credits you have to meet college requirements. (Example - Some top college prefer (require) 4 years in high school of one foreign language. If you were taking French and they don't have French at the public school and your first choice college wants 4 years -- that might be a problem.)

    What is your current school's college matriculation compared to the public school? If you are in a private school with a rigorous curriculum and you switch to a public school, the colleges might wonder if private school was too tough for you. Colleges know the curriculum of all high schools and take it into consideration when looking at gpas, etc.

    Good luck!

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    You would need to contact the human resources or superintendent's office to ask. Every district has their own set of rules for this. I live in a district that does not take transfers but I work in a district that allows anyone to attend. You might want to call rather quickly because sometimes there are deadlines for transfers and there can be quite a bit of paper work. Good luck to you and hope you enjoy public school!

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    Not in North Carolina. I did everything possible to get out of my Christian school, but the only other school available was the one where kids got shot and stabbed everyday and my Mom wouldn't let me go there -_- I'm not sure about other states, but in N.C. you can't.


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    well yea if you put somebody Else address like a family member or something their address

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    You might have to pay.

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