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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsGeography · 1 decade ago

I am looking for rivers in Washington state that have Gold in them.?

My soon to be wife want to spend our honeymoon going camping and spending some time trying out our home make sluice box. We are looking for some idea's as to where to go that would be good for this, any Idea's? We are in Tacoma so, some place close at about 50-70 miles would be good.

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    The information given below is based on that which can be found in our new gold/gem folios. If you would like some of these gold/gem maps for your own,


    Washington's gold production has been steadily increasing year by year. It has the third largest lode mine in the US. It is all a state with many placer areas some of which are listed below.

    The sites are listed by county. These are just a few of the sites which are imprinted on the maps.


    BENTON COUNTY - Placers at Columbia River bars.

    CHELAN COUNTY - BLEWETT district - at Peshastin Creek and Culver Gulch in

    ....south-central area. CHELAN LAKE - at Holden, Lucerne and S to Pyramid Mtn - Rex mine.

    ....WENATCHEE - 2 miles W of Wenatchee Hts - Gold King mine. Placers at Chiwawa,

    ....Columbia, Entiat and Wenatchee River bars - at Bridge, ***** and Railroad Creeks.

    CLALLAM COUNTY - Placers at Cedar Creek, Ozette Beach, Sand Point, Shi Shi Beach

    ....and Yellow Banks.

    CLARK COUNTY - Placers at South Fork of Lewis River.

    FERRY COUNTY - REPUBLIC district - at Republic - Lone Pine and Knob Hill (#3 in

    ....US mines). Placers at Columbia, Kettle and Sandspoil River bars - at Bridge Creek, Danville.

    GRAYS HARBOR COUNTY - Placers at Cow, Damons Points - at Point Brown and the

    ....Moclips River.

    JEFFERSON COUNTY - Placers at Ruby Beach.

    KING COUNTY - Placers at Denny and Money Creeks - at Tolt River

    KITTITAS COUNTY - SWAUK district - at Liberty and 10 miles to the east. Placers at Cle...

    .Elum, Columbia, Teanaway and Yakima River bars - at Manastash,

    Naneum and Swauk

    ....Creeks - at Liberty.

    OKANOGAN COUNTY - CASCADE district - 12 miles NW from Republic - Bodie and

    ....Wauconda mines. METHOW - at Methow - Hidden Treasure, Bolinger, Friday and

    ....Highland Light mines. MYERS CREEK - at Chewsaw. ORVILLE-NIGHTHAWK - between

    ....Palmer Mtn., Oroville and Cordell. Placers at Columbia River bars - at Methow and

    ....Similkameen Rivers - at Mary Ann, Myers and Squaw Creeks - at Oroville, Wauconda

    ....and Twisp.

    PACIFIC COUNTY - Placers at Fort Canby.

    PEND OREILLE COUNTY - Placers at Pend Oreille River bars - at Russian and

    ....Sullivan Creeks.

    PIERCE COUNTY - Placers at Silver Creek.

    SKAGIT COUNTY - Placers at Skagit River.

    SKAMANIA COUNTY - Placers at Camp and McCoy Creeks - at Texas Gulch.

    SKOHOMISH COUNTY - MONTE CRISTO district - at Monte Cristo. SILVERTON - Silverton. Placers at Sultan River, Granite Falls and Darrington.

    STEVENS COUNTY - ORIENT district - 2 to 5 miles E from Orient, 8 miles long

    ....N to S - First Thought and Napoleon mines. Placers at Columbia and Kettle River bars Kettle and Meyers Falls - at Orient, Northport, Marcus.

    WHATCOM COUNTY - MOUNT BAKER district - N from Mt Baker near Glacier -

    ....Boundary Red Mountain and Lone Jack mines. SLATE CREEK - between Jack

    ....Mountain, Devils Dome and Okanogan Cty line - Gold Ridge, Eureka and Mammoth

    ....mines. Placers at Silesia, Ruby and Slate Creeks - at Mount Baker and Acme.

    WHITMAN COUNTY - Placers at Snake River bars.

    YAKIMA COUNTY - Placers at American River - at Surveyors and Morse Creeks.


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    Gold In Washington State

  • 4 years ago

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    I also live in Tacoma. You will find gold SE and NE but at about 98 miles to the more productive areas. Join Washington Prospectors Mining Association. You will gain access to all of the associtaion calims in WA, OR and CA. We have a South Sound Meeting at the Round Table Pizza second Tuesday each month. You may phone me at 223-2579 and I answer to Ted.

    Washington Prospectors

    10002 Aurora Ave. N., Sutie 1193

    Seattle, WA 98133

    (206) 784-6039

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    --This Diskette might help you : Finding Gold in Washington State (Diskette) I actually found gold at Green River Gorge...right where he said it would be. I recommend this book to anyone." -- Reggie Smith of Ravensdale, Washington Worked the Snohomish river system and found gold. Gold prospectors in the state of Washington are up in arms about new restrictions on when they can search for gold. The rules, issued last week, are intended to limit digging and dredging in streams, which may put fish eggs at risk. Just how much gold is in those Pacific Northwest streams? The best indicator of the amount of gold in Washington's streams is probably the fact that according to the state's geology department, there isn't a single commercial placer gold operation in the state—the prospectors are all part-timers. Geologists don't offer much encouragement about the prospects of striking rich through prospecting, either. A USGS guide to prospecting notes that the grizzled prospector with a burro is no longer a significant participant in the search for mineral deposits, and the small producer accounts for only a minor share of the total production of metals including gold." Another primer from the California Geological Survey (PDF) estimates that one in every 1,000 prospectors "will ever make a strike." And in Washington—where an estimated 2,000 to 2,300 people might call themselves prospectors—the miners say that half an ounce of gold (or about $373 worth) is a pretty typical haul for a season, and that many prospectors are lucky if they find enough gold to cover their expenses The Fraser River Gold Rush of 1858: - by Lewis J Swindle - 302 pages

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    East of Seattle, about 2 hours, there is a fantastic little town where Northern Exposure was filmed. It is called Cle Ellum. Up in the mountains not far and very drivable, old non used highway over the mountains, Bluit (?) Pass, they pan for gold big time. People are territorial like the old days however. You could google Cle Ellum for details. There is also a new resort in the area called Suncadia. Fantastic golf and spa resort. You will have died and gone to heaven if you venture into this Eastern Washington area.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    I am looking for rivers in Washington state that have Gold in them.?

    My soon to be wife want to spend our honeymoon going camping and spending some time trying out our home make sluice box. We are looking for some idea's as to where to go that would be good for this, any Idea's? We are in Tacoma so, some place close at about 50-70 miles would be good.

    Source(s): rivers washington state gold them:
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    So many valuable answers already for this

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