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What should I bring in for my 1960's project?

I have a 1960s project,and I have to bring in an artifact. The artifact has to represent somthing from the 1960's. I need two, and I already have a Beatles album. What should I bring?

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    The United States sent "military advisors" to Vietnam in 1965.

    John F Kennedy was assasinated in 1963.

    Troll dolls became popular in the Sixties.

    Mini-skirts, Hot Pants and Nehru Jackets were fads of the 60's.

    Malcolm X was assasinated in 1965...

    Watts Riots in 1965.

    Both "Bobby" Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr were assasinated in 1968.

    Two words..... WOOD STOCK

    NASA: John Glenn orbited the Earth in 1963 and Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin set foot on the Moon in 1969.

    The Surgeon General determined that smoking was hazardous to your health in 1965.

    ONE word..... E-L-V-I-S

    Next time you might consider doing your OWN homework...

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