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Do you think Shawn Michales overselling Hogans offense was ridiculous?

Was it unprofessional and should Shawn have just gone in there and done business, or was it a good thing to do and deserved? We all know wrestling is scripted, but to take a Hogan punch and then flip over the top rope to the outside only to flip flop even MORE on the outside is a little ridiculous. Whats your take on the whole situation?

BQ: Another ridiculous thing...what did you think of Hornswoggle jumping on all the competitors in the MITB match at WM 25 and knocking them down??? I know its entertainment, but lets try to keep SOME form of realism in there. Even my 6 year old cousin whos a TOTAL mark didn't buy it.

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    There's lots of stuff that happens in wrestling that we don't know about that would be considered unproffessional. HBK overselling for Hogan seems totally innocent compared to other things that have gone on in pro wrestling.

    For example, in WCW Hogan whipped Flairs son with a belt, and Flair's son was not a wrestler and didn't know anything about working. His son was told he was going to get whipped by the belt 3 or 4 times by Hogan himself. Hogan whipped him like 15 - 20 times. Which means Hogan lied to Flair's son in the ring.

    Speaking of Flair, at Starrcade '93, Flair challenged Big Van Vader for the WCW World Title. Vader was legit punching Flair in the face, busted his mouth, and told Flair to fight back, or he'll keep beating him up. Flair said no problem, since Flair is from the old school, he's been through that before and just started legit punching Vader back. A lot of that match was actual stiff fighting, well at least the strikes.

    There have been plenty of times when a wrestler would actually beat up an opponent in the ring in the past..talking old school here. It came with the business at the time, and you just had to deal with it and either take it or fight back. All this happened within an actual worked match. So HBK overselling seems unproffessional now, but by old school standards it was something silly. Was it professional, probably not, but there's been lots of things in pro wrestling that weren't exactly professional.

    BQ: I agree with there having to be some realism in wrestling, to me Hornswoggle doing that to a bunch of 200+ pound men was ridiculous.

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    No it wasnt, Hogan does whats good for Hogan not whats good for the business.

    Shawn had every right to oversell that match, Hogan wanted to come in and look like the top guy again then he deserved to have Shawn make him look like a fool

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    I think that Shawn deserved to oversell Hogan's moves. Before the match had happened Shawn wanted it to be a classic face vs face match at SummerSlam but Hogan only would do the match, if Shawn would be the heel and Hogan be the babyface. So since Vince really wanted this match to happen Shawn had to agree to be the heel so I don't blame him for overselling Hogan's moves. Also Hogan only agreed to do the match if he was to win.

    BQ~Yes that I thought that was truly ridiculous the WWE is getting more and more PG every week but like you said, not even the kids are buying stuff like that.

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    Okay he did oversell but I have to admit it was halarious! The most halarious thing was when Hogan pushed HBK to the turnbuckles and HBK goes flying over the top rope !

    Well the whole hornswoggle thing is just to entertain all the kids that are watching ! rey mysterio winning in seconds and hornswoggle jumping on all the competitors in the MITB , thats what ticks me off about the whole rated PG !

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    HBK replaced into super in that tournament. His overselling thoroughly canceled out Hogan's underselling and it grew to become out to be a extraordinarily stable tournament. i don't understand what replaced into greater ridiculous, HBK's overselling or the size of the american Flag in Hogan's front.

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    I thought it was hilarious and Hulk deserved it. Him a Michaels were to have 3 matches. Hogan went over in the first one and in the second one (the one you're referring too). However in the last one, Michaels was supposed to go over. But Hogan backed out of the last match and Michaels was one of many that were angry about this. Also a few months before, Hogan was feuding Taker and Taker was supposed to chokeslam him during one match and when he did, Hogan didn't even try to jump (oppenants are supposed to jump when being chokeslammed) and many people were angry about that.

    BQ: I thought that was the fakest thing ever.

    Edit: There is a video on youtube hightlighting the match and at the end of the video it says: Bottom Line: Hogan learn to job or get a new one.

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    im perfectly fine for it cuz hogan whined and moaned to be the one who would win, hogan is a good for nothing @zzhole im glad shawn did that to show he wouldnt take hogans crap like everyone else, and then there was supposed to be a rematch at unofrgiven with shawn going over this time, and hogan "blew out" his knee, sure like i believe that

    bq: plain dumb he couldnt knock down the smallest one in that match let alone all of them except finlay

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    Its no more ridiculous than Hogan doing the finger wave, no-sell everything, and winning with the cliche 3 punches and leg drop.

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    I am sorry but what are you talking about? are you refering to the Shawn Michaels Hulk Hogan match at summer slam 2005? I think Michaels should have won, in fact. but we all have learned that Hogan wont drop matches.

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    IT W@$ F*CKING HILARIOUS. That's Was Cherry On Top Of The Great Career Of HBK.

    Hogan can barely wrestle. and i have lost so much respect for him latley

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