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Value of an Ace in Blackjack?

On Wikipedia, it says that an Ace can be either 11 or 1. Is this decided at the time the cards are put down, or before the game begins?

Also, if the choice is made in advance, and someone was to value an ace at 1, how could you get Blackjack?

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    An Ace is worth 11 unless it makes your total greater than 21.

    You don't have to make a decision on what the Ace is worth when it is dealt to you. It is flexible and can change depending on what cards you hold. It always works to your benefit.

    So if you have Jack-Ace, then you have a 21.

    If you have an Ace where it can be worth 11, then you have a "soft" total. For example, if you have Ace-5, then you have a "soft" 16. You can hit this hand and if you get an 8, then you have Ace-5-8, which is 14 (a "hard" 14, because the Ace MUST be used as a 1).

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    It is one or eleven at any time, and can change throughout the hand to suit you.

    So if you get A 4, you have 5 or 15. If you hit and get a 6, you now have 21 or 11. There is nothing to stop you from taking another card. Let's say you get a 3. Now you have 14. If the ace were worth 11 you would now have 11 + 4 + 5 + 3 = 23, which is bust. So now the ace is ONLY worth 1, and your hand is therefore 14 (1+5+6+3).

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    You can decide at any time during play depending on your needs.

    If you have an A 4 hand it could = either 5 or 15

    If you decide to hit for another card, and you get an 8, you did not bust,

    in that case it would automatically go to a 13 to prevent you from going over 21.

    Aces are always for your benefit when in your hand.

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    It changes to whatever makes your hand the best. Say you have an Ace and a 3, it can be either 14 or 4. If you hit and get a 10 then it makes your hand a 14, if you hit and get a 7 then it makes you have 21 :)

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    it never really is decided becuse you can change if its a one or eleven whenever you want.

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    Its decided when you place it.

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