The reality behind Jigoku Tsushin?

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For all of you who don't know what it is, wiki it before reading this. Now, you'll notice in the anime that whenever someone types it in, a page that says '404 Not more
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  • BTII answered 5 years ago
Hell Girl is one of my favourite animes. Now of course website isn't "real" Enma Ai won't come to take your revenge. But if you notice anime it only works at midnight, EXACT MIDNIGHT (00 minutes) but you see any clock marking the time. On real life thats impossible to achieve, so website uses a script. What you're seeing isn't a real "not found" page. It IS part of the website. But the script it runs only allows you to see Hell Correspondance when your COMPUTER CLOCK marks 00:00. (try changing the time manually to 11:59:50 or something. Wait a few seconds and hit refresh) .
So yeah, its just a good website programming. Hope you liked my answer and cleared things up, and if you didn't, please don't pull the red string on me or you'll go to hell too :P

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wow, you're right! I set it manually... guess it is a pretty good trick. ^-^
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