Do you think that a marjority white school would know about Pf Flyers?

Im going to high school and its 71% white. Im a black girl and my old school was majority black and we all wore pf flyers. By me going to this white school do you think they would know about pf flyers? Im getting new ones for high school but i dont want to get them and dont nobody know what they are and start thinking its fake converse or something.

They look like this:

I personally think that they look better than converse and they cost more. What you think?

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    i dont think theyll know what they are...i didnt..and u were right, my first impression of them were that they were fake converse. but f*ck it..if u like them, who cares what the white kids think...and just because they cost more than converse doesnt necessarily make them better looking but to each his own...also, remember, u come from a majority black school, so...just to generalize people have a different style than white people...from what ive seen here in L.A. schools. ive gone to a school with a majority black people and one with a majority white and there is a big difference in style....but who cares. bottom line is..WEAR WHATEVER MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD ABOUT WHAT YOURE WEARING AND IF ANYONE TELLS U SH*T...TELL THEM TO FU. CK OFF

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  • john h
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    1 decade ago

    When I was a kid in school, longer ago than I care to remember...everybody knew the PF Flyers. It was those and Keds. That was what everybody wore. This was in Los Angeles,at Normandie Ave. School, 1955-1959. I was a white boy, and the school was mixed about 50/50 White and Black. Nobody cared if you wore Keds, or Flyers. As I recall, the Flyers were a great shoe and really comfortable. If the kids at your new school think they have to say something about them, tell em they should try a pair and find out for themselves what they are missing. Are yours the High Top canvas shoes? Those were the best and most comfortable.

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