How much time online equals 10 GB of use?

for college, Im only allowed 10 GB of internet use for free before I have to start paying for it. But, I dont know how much time 10 GB of use equals. Any ideas?

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    1 decade ago
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    well if you just browse internet sites it will take a very long time. pages are like 20kb's -100kbs, and 10gb is 10 000 000kb's. a while back i used to leave my computer doing work by itself through the night using my internet connection and each night (about 10 hours of non stop using my internet browsing pages) i would use like 50mb (50 out of 10 000)

    if you download music and movies and watch youtube clips you will reach 10gb faster though.

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    10 GB per month?

    This depends on what you are doing...

    If you are surfing, checking email, or even watching YouTube video, you should be fine.

    If you are downloading lots of music, full quality video or huge files, then you may go over. Ask your college if there is a place where you can look up your current tally. They likely have a way of showing you this data. I think that if you check it for the first few months, that you will see that you are not even getting close to the max.

    Also, how much are you charged? It may not be that big of a deal depending on what rate they are charging for the additional data.

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    1 decade ago

    Well, it depends on ur type of use. If u download huge files, then ur 10 gb goes down quickly. But if u r only browsing, do not worry. 10 gb does not get over fastly. If u r using airtel or any other network, then it is possible to view ur download log. For that u need the website of ur service provider. Ask ur college officials for cheking those sites.

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    dont matter how long your computer is online you can leave it for yearssss longest its not downloading anything, 10gb is how much you r allowed to download you can use it in one day or 100years its up 2 u

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