How to stop my over-sweating in the armpits?

So this has been happening since I was about 13 years old, and I am now 17. I'm a girl, btw. I do play sports, I play hockey, but it's not then when I'm worrying about sweating. Like when I'm at school, my armpits will start sweating really bad.. I usually never have body odour, just sweat stains and it's really embarrassing. I actually avoid wearing tight tshirts because I'm afraid of the sweat stains I'll get.

I'm tried so many things also. Like using Certain-Dri, Secret Clinical Strength Antipersperants, and I've even tried using many different deoderants and antipersperants. Please help. Summer is coming, and I want to be able to wear tshirts and not sweaters, loose fitting & long sleeve shirts!

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    Wow, you have just described me during my teen years, and some of my early twenties. Just about two years ago I was told about an old school deodorant called Tussy. You can get it at most drug stores (CVS, Walgreens) for about $2. It isn't the typical deodorant; you actually have to stick your finger in, and rub it on your armpits. But like you I tried everything (prescriptions, etc) and this is the only thing that works. I bet your mom or any older people in your family remember Tussy, its been around for a loooong time.Here is a picture of it.

    I hope it works for you, as it has for me

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    OK, me too, I was active in high school sports and sweat like a horse under my arms. Yes, there was no b.o. but a lot of stain from the salt that leaves your body. So, like you I tried all kinds of antiperspirants and only wound up with skin rash and more shirt stains. Then a little old lady told me in the good old days they didn't have deodorant, they had baby powder, baby talcum and corn starch.

    Yep, I tied baby powder, no deodorant as it gets sticky under there, it worked a while but during sports it washes away and you have to have a small tub handy, also I used baby powder and talcum powder it worked and kind of smelled like a baby but hey, the girls liked it, last I tried corn starch ( not from the box) use baby powder with corn starch, it worked wonders and I just spray a little cologne or body spray (for men of course) and wallah, I'm dry no stains and no smelling sticky mess like deodorant.

    Good Luck

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    there's actually this deoderent that I use:

    it's called Mitchum for Women and says:

    ♦potented, water-based, wax-free formula

    ♦Unbeatable white residue prevention among invisible solids

    ♦Outstanding odour and wetness protection all day long

    hope I helped :)

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    I've had the same problems. so i went to my doc and he ended up given me 2 shots near my underarms. havent had any problems since then.

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    --Buy absorbent pads and change them out between classes.

    --Go to the doctor to get a prescription.

    --Get injections of Botox.

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    see your doctor & make sure it's not a medical condition. If it is, there are prescriptions that may help

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    Make a surgery.

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