Why do breast feeding moms act like they are so much better then everyone else?

seriously, get over yourself. wow, you breastfeed. who cares? no one cares how you feed your baby or how "beautiful" you think it looks. quit using it for an excuse to flash your breasts.
Update: obviously not all breast feeding moms are like this, but im noticing ALOT on here are.
Update 2: im sorry to break it to the BFers that have BF pics with their baby, but i find it irrisponsible parenting to have your baby on the internet sucking on your boob for jack off material for perverts.
Update 3: you dont need a magnifying glass to see anyones avatar. you would have to be blind to not be able to see anyones avatar perfectly fine. i guess you people want perverts jacking off to your innocent baby's face. gross.
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